Saturday, March 19, 2011

HGUC Unicorn (Destroy mode) WIP 1

it's been quite busy these few weeks.. especially weekends.. have to work.. work.. and work.. product training on weekdays.. study on weekdays.. not much time left for other thing.. well i do mention my next project will be show in this post but it is not this kit the HGUC Unicorn Destroy mode.. you will know when you finish this post..

alright.. lets start bout this kit.. rather than the structure of the kit itself.. first i want to talk about the proportion of the kit.. as i mentioned in some of my previous post before.. the proportion ratio of the this version is better than the MG version.. there are some site differentiate in 10 to 11 level ratio and even compare to human proportion ratio that show what should be the length ratio for the head, chest, waist and legs.. i just want to keep it simple and point out the differences on HGUC and MG format of this kit in parts.. the first want will the abdomen part.. i didn't make a precise measurement but as i look at it.. the abdomen of the MG version seems too short and the long legs (in destroy mode) make it look weird.. just like the MG Nu-gundam.. the second part will on the shoulders.. the shoulders actually won't affect mush on the proportion or i should said affect in a direct way.. the shoulders actually able to give the kit look more dynamic.. which means that the shoulders should be about 45 degree face side upward (left to left, right to right).. not only that.. the shoulders' height should be higher than the chest which at least 1/3 of the shoulders height from the chest ( can't place too high or it will block the sight of the head unit).. the MG format shoulders' height can be said almost same as the chest.. that is why the HGUC version i mentioned here is much more better..

about the parts.. most of it are molded separately so the only that may require masking tape for painting might be the V-fin and the censor above the chest.. not much foil stickers needed too.. one thing i have to point out here.. most of you might have know already.. this kit doesn't come with any beam part even though it got for beam sabers.. WTF!!!

articulation wise.. i can say nothing much to worry about.. even though the it using ball type joint for the legs from the waist but it still quite flexible.. lets check out the pics..

total of seven runners needed for this kit

i left the thrusters in the runners cause i worry i might lost it due to it size..
as you can see from the picture above.. the size comparison of this kit is same as the 1/144 alteisen and almost same height with the 1/100 MG Wing gundam..

the pre-assemble look... i can't wait to put on the next step for this kit but..
the next project will be this guy.. i already disassemble it for painting.. this time i won't make any special custom color scheme for this.. just want to keep it look as original as it is.. might just adjusting the tone of each color and that's it (lighter blue or brighter yellow).. and i'm not planning to paint the inner frame as well as the inner frame already painted well originally.. just clean some nub marks from the inner frame will do..

stay tune for more..


Gundam Gunso said...

Good job there! Look forward to you completing the Gundam Wing XD

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

bro, in case you feel that the knee doesnt bend much...

just sharing :D very easy mod, i only use nipper and art knife to do this ^^b

Tom said...

Yea, I'm starting to like the proportions these new HGs are getting. And how come the yellow parts on your Wing Gundam is a better shade then on mines. Mines has this really macaroni and cheese color to it. =/

seven6398 said...

Gundam GUnso: thx..

Zd: thanks for the link man.. i never thought HGUC can do this too.. might try on it..

Tom: don't worry about the color of your wing.. it should be the same.. maybe the some lighting and color reproduce in the camera make it look different..

chrismandesign said...

Gundam Unicorn in destroy mode is certainly one of my favorite Gundams, also the fact that is bigger than "normal" Gundam (so it can match the Suinanju size) makes it even more imposing... i wanted so bad this kit in MG Titanium finish, but i hav so many kits in "sleep mode" so i will desist to get it =(


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