Friday, March 11, 2011

what will be the aftermath (Japan 8.9 earthquake)

I was sleeping during the event happen and i saw it when i open my Facebook.. i was like.. 8.9.. it was the highest after what happen in China in 2008.. but as it happen under the sea.. the damage can be larger.. well.. don't underestimate the power of water.. around 6 point something of the seismogram measurement able to create a large tsunami that can wipe out entire Acheh in Indonesia 2004. 5.xx something of earthquake make a loud cry in some other place last year.. is it the event that we talk about the polar shift that going to happen in 2012 really going to happen?.. it started to sound scary.. hope those who were affected is safe..

back to the story.. aftermath huh.. well.. i guess as a big country that always prepare for this big event.. proper pre-caution always been ready but it all depend on how strong is the power of the nature.. we are not sure how worse is the condition yet as the end have not meet for current moment.. what i concern for the aftermath are the thing that related to the international product, business, economic and other that rely much from Japan.. sounds like speaking about something huge.. it just some simple stuff.. as the tsunami hit most of the coastal area.. and we have seen lots of bots being push back to the land.. i think most of the shipment related to japanese gadget, electronic stuff, some fresh food material for sushi maybe and our hobby stuff will definitely affected.. model kit, figure, paint and a lot other thing might be able to export out for the coming few month until the recovery stage reach to a steady level.. other than the shipment.. supplier are all affected as well.. i heard that much of the online hobby shop like Hobbysearch and HLJ are affected.. HLJ even stop their business for few days to clean up the mess.. i hope they were safe and able to recover as soon as possible as Hobbysearch had been my main sponsor for certain period of time and support this site a lot..

well.. since this post is about aftermath.. i want to share some view on what will happen in my place too.. related to hobby stuff.. in the coming few months.. i think the price for most of the hobby collection stuff from Japan will rise as you already can see from ebay.. model kits, figures, paint, toys and many more.. we can say those reseller are immoral of doing so but they are the one who suffer more than us as they might can't get enough stock for us for the coming months.. so they will have to increase the price to slow down the sales while maintaining their profit and survive in the business.. i guess this will happen to all other places as well.. and also other industry too..
the next thing.. will the value of the Japanese yen drop and inflation increase in Japan as this event will also affect the Japan's economic and many other foreign investors in Japan?.

lastly.. god bless those victims who affected..


sportsfan1981 said...

The damage and destruction from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan looks massive! I hope the United States and other countries make substantial contributions to the relief efforts there.

chrismandesign said...

it’s curious Seven, but only when this kind of things happen, many people begin to think in GOD... i think we’re so fool to ignore the rest of the time Someone as real as HIM... & when some people think in the power of nature, i think in the Power of The One who controls the nature... i see all these disasters happening one after another & i’m not surprised... wise words Seven, may GOD help & protect them =)

seven6398 said...

sportsfan: yeah.. Japan is quite lucky that can have a lot of support from the huge country from western and other.. and it is also lucky for Japan that until now.. the casualty rate is not that high compare to other earthquake disaster like the recent one in Haiti..

Chris: like usual.. war.. ask the government.. economy crisis.. ask the monetary policy.. natural disaster.. ask the GOD..

resin kit said...

Really very massive,hoping the thing will be better.


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