Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MG Rezel WIP 1

so.. actually i didn't plan to start on this project even after the first WIP done.. like other kit.. i just want to assemble it and leave it there until i decide which kit that i want to start with..but i just couldn't resist on adding pla-plate on it.. there are too many potential space for me to add in and once i start the first piece.. i just can't stop it.. haha.. 

so.. lets start with some information about this kit and my thought.. it's design was start from Methuss to Zeta to REGZ-91 and with the combination of Jegan became this.. the RGZ-95 Rezel..while it quite similar to Zeta but the mobile armor form was similar back to the Methuss.. one beam rifle, shield with beam cannon, missile pack mount in arms, two beam saber and head vulcan will be the weapon.. in terms of its equipment.. it was quite balancing for short range and medium range battle.. with its transformation back to wave rider mode which like the Macross Valkyrie.. the mobility increase which give faster movement speed.. damn.. this is a good MS but like what Z said.. just some grunt unit that teared down by Kshatriya.. since i'm not a UC fans.. i don't have much to share about this unit.. lets get on to the kit.. picture by picture not like last time..

when i first look to the box.. it indicate something about the pose inside the box art.. again.. from the Z.. this kit is not doing well in dynamic pose.. even though the hip joints are not ball type but the weight of the legs and the side waist armor seems preventing the leg open wide.. i guess that is why the pose of this kit in the box art is not show as dynamic as MG Zeta ver.2.. one thing that some people might not know.. kit from MG boxart usually show the real thing about the kit itself..  i mean it show the proportion design as well as the articulation from the box.. which is totally different from the HG line..

i'm not sure what was that.. i guess that is some kind of promotional inserts come together..
so.. the history of Rezel here..

total of 16 runners include the PC runners..
stickers, decal and markings.. not much markings given.. same as decal..
lets start with the head.. simple one..
vulcan is mount with the inner frame.. and the censor will look nice after painting with silver chrome and cover by the clear red part..

here we go.. one thing that i notice is grunt unit always got no V-fin.. as compare to the main unit.. but you can add your own in this kit easily.. most of the people did it..
there is one thing that i like from this kit for its Zeta design transformation..
the waist unit.. it is different from before.. it using the sliding mechanism which is a lot more stronger than the older Zeta design.. but the drawback is it lack articulated.. i think it redesign the head sliding mechanism as well..
and the good thing is.. those parts are easily separate out for painting..
here we have the complete body..

parts for the arms..
honestly.. i feel the design of the shoulders is totally out the place for this unit.. alright.. this pictures show the amount of detail for the shoulders.. lets get back to the shoulders design.. as compare to the design of transformation MS.. this shoulders design feel not aerodynamic enough.. even though it stay back into the body when it in wave rider mode.. but isn't the design for MS should look aerodynamic as well?.

alright.. the arms are quite solid.. i think it design for holding the hyper beam launcher for commander unit as well.. i forgot to take some pictures of the inner frame.. the inner frame design was very flexible to insert different types of stuff like the beam saber and the missiles..

there are lot of parts for the legs.. so i display those part separately.. afraid of losing some parts.. first.. the detail of the inner frame is great.. second.. there are plenty of room for adding pla-plate, drilling or armor cutting to show off the inner frame.. but one drawback on the inner frame of these legs are it isn't easy to separate those inner parts back for painting once you got it all assembled.. and all the outer parts must assemble according to the step from the manual.. if you skip the test.. you can't fit in other parts because most of the armor are in one big piece.. 

those pipes are molded separately.. and good for painting..

more and more improvement of the design on new MG..
just like the front waist armors.. now it come with inner part as well.. as compare to Zeta ver.2..

the backpack..

the backpack is design in to three parts.. left and right, and center thruster.. thrusters or engine unit for the left and right unit are adjustable.. i mean the position of it.. i think it design for the transformation gimmick..

the beam rifle is well design too.. but i feel that there can be more parts molded separately.. the cartridge from the beam rifle is removable..means that the energy of the beam rifle is not directly from the core energy of the MS.. good things is the the energy consumption of the beam rifle will not affect the mobility of the MS.. the drawback is lesser energy for the beam rifle and need to change the cartridge like our normal rifle when it run out of bullet.. haha..

the additional cartridge of of the beam rifle store in the shield.. build in beam cannon in the shield..
i will discuss the articulation on the after i complete the whole thing.. before i wrap this post up.. there is one thing i want to mention about this kit is.. it got a very high potential for modification.. the armor can be easily detach from the inner frame and there are lot of space for adding detail.. the overall of this kit is pretty solid.. so.. i think it a great buy on this kit.. 

whats next.. something about tools coming up.. stay tune..


Gundam Gunso said...

Nice review, I like kits which are transformable. XD

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: thanks.. so.. are you getting this one?

Gundam Gunso said...

Still thinking about it. Problem is too much backlog. U never know, maybe the next trip down to the hobby store will make me give in to the temptation. Haha.. XD

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: need some help? haha..

Tom said...

I'm gonna be waiting on the Delta Plus to come out. :P

seven6398 said...

Tom: me too..


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