Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY your own empty bottle for painting

having problem on spending too much for empty bottle just because of airbrush painting?.. frustrated on cleaning up the same empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture?.. need more empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture? here is the solution to save some money.. 

what i want to share here is about cleaning up the bottle after finish using the paint inside it.. then you can have this empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture.. just think about it what will you plan on the empty bottle that used to contain paint inside?.. i use to keep it and plan for this but i got no time to do it.. what about you? keep it or just throw it away?.. recycle?.. how? scroll down.. its easy.. 

most of these are empty bottle..
i bought a plastic drawer to store them.. too bad.. i got it wrong size and i have to fit the surfacer bottle horizontally.. and the plastic quality is almost same as.. the bootleg gunpla.. 
the empty bottle after clean up..
so.. the picture above is the solution.. the quickest and also the LAZY way to clean lot of empty paint bottle.. get a bucket.. put in all the empty bottles and pour thinner on it.. just get some industry use thinner from the hard ware shop.. strong or medium strong type.. i use two bottle here and each of it cost RM3.. i use to use it for cleaning my airbrush after the painting process.. leave it for one day.. remember to cover up the bucket cause the smell from the thinner?.. bad.. and not good for health too.. i feel headache during the cleaning process.. forget about the color of the thinner inside the bucket.. it mix with lot of different paint from the remaining paint inside the bottle.. which is not usable.. 

after that.. clean all these empty bottle until with a cloth.. if there are remaining paint inside the bottle.. the best liquid to clean it will be the "spirit".. i think it consider some kind of weaker thinner.. also RM 3 a bottle.. since the normal thinner will leave some remaining thinner after you wipe it and become even worse if use too much strong thinners.. spirit will be the most recommend liquid to clean it up.. after all the wiping process.. VowLA!!!.. you get your empty bottle.. the whole process is same as cleaning up the empty bottle but empty paint bottle is slightly harder to clean since it use to only contain paint whereas empty bottle normally will have thinner mix with paint inside it.. 

next post?.. i got some surprise for you all.. not something new.. just.. it seldom come from me..


MS-3P said...

yeah same technique I used to do. Reuse is good

Gundam Gunso said...

Thanks for sharing. Recyling bottles is a good thing. We should do our part for the environment. XD

seven6398 said...

ms-3p: yeah.. reuse is good..

Gundam Gunso: and save our wallet too.. haha..

Tom said...

I use empty mini jam jars after meticulously cleaning it.


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