Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are you kidding me?

last week.. the seller told me that the new issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazines is coming while i get the Hobby Magazine May issue.. and he told me that there will be freebies comes along with the Dengeki Hobby Magazines.. i was thinking "the other set of decal?" since this is not Japanese version.. he told me this Dengeki Hobby Magazines will the latest issue which is May and will higher than normal (normal: RM 10 or 11 since it one or two month old issue, new or latest: RM 45).. so i went to get this latest issue from Dengeki Hobby Magazines.. and.. guess what i get..

this is the freebies that the seller want to show.. i was like.. OMFG.. my first time getting conversion part.. AH!!!!!.. i was so excited when i saw it and i never thought of getting this stuff even it not Japanese Dengeki Hobby Magazines version.. and i only have to pay RM 45.. i'm not sure it expensive or not but i feel it worth it..
so.. the thing i have to get next might be HGUC RGM type C for it.. haha

another unexpected thing from the internet will be.. i think you all had noticed it..

the MG Delta plus.. i was thinking that should i get the HGUC Delta Plus or not.. but now.. i think i don't need to.. i will get this MG..
OMG.. look at the transformation.. more like Zeta.. i love it..

and i think i'm getting my MG Hyakushiki soon.. hope that the seller still keep the original version for me as i told him i will get last few months.. XD.. 

so.. next project?.. will be reveal soon.. and i'm going to touch up a bit of the "Desert Hunter" dio and wrap it up.. does anyone know when is the Bakuc Competition in Malaysia start?..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

Bakuc or mid-year competition? mid year competition is going on 26th May at Mines if im not wrong

Evaritus Lau said...

Well, HK ver of hobby mags did gives out some conversion parts like XN Raiser & this Wagtail. RM30 cheaper than japan version & hundreds of pages taken down..

My Wagtail part going to resell again, not fond to GM(C).

seven6398 said...

Evaritus: hundred of page take down? i didn't notice that..

i comment on your new loots but the comment seems gone from the blogger's maintenance.. may i know from where you get the MC gundoom and how much is the MC hi-nu cost?


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