Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Trio

EFSF special ops reporting in.. these few shots was plan when i got my HGUC Unicorn.. a special team with special color scheme.. remember the Unicorn gundam episode 2 before the Unicorn being capture by kshatriya.. there is a team from Nahel Argama which consist of one Rezel regular unit, Rezel commander unit and stark jegan.. that is how i get inspirited to make this team out..
i was thinking of making all three unit in the air pose.. lazy to get another stand from box.. so.. two unit on the ground and the unicorn is in the pose just like the rx-78 defeat the zeong.. but i try not imitate the actual pose and create my own.. and all three unit are like  national monument.. haha

grainy sepia type.. it's actually a monochrome picture and using 12800 ISO from EOS 500D.. and still not grainy enough.. S90 nostalgia mode works better..
and this will be another version with colors..

well.. that's all for now.. and guess what..
the project desert hunter part 2 is complete and ready to go.. into here.. by tonight.. above is the sneak peak..

stay tune and prepare for my very first diorama!!!

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