Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Desert Hunter part 2 complete (diorama)

ITS HERE!!!.. after the long wait.. i completed my first diorama.. with lots of mistakes, lots of waste and lots FUN!!!..

it is totally complete different experience than building a kit.. why.. there is no manual to teach me how to do it.. all i can do is get as much information i can from the internet.. then.. there are no specific material for it.. paper, plastic, wood or even sand.. try it.. make some mistake.. and then.. learn.. have to consider the cost of building a diorama too.. it can be cheap by using lots of alternative material but the exact material that use to create diorama which can be done faster will definitely more costly..

the most important about building a dio.. you must have a plan or idea.. how should it look like,what material needed and how to build it.. of course thing will always not follow the actual plan.. but having a basic idea on how it look like will definitely save a lot of time.. and let me tell you something.. this work didn't follow my actual plan too.. haha.. the original idea was the building should be a damage building but not a half-build look building(because i have no idea how to build it with detail).. there will be two fuel tank which will form by canned (can't fit in cause the base is too small).. so.. plan B.. which is how it look like now.. as for the material list.. er.. i forget most of it.. lets skip that for this time and i will make sure there will be a detail material list for the next diorama..

some good mistake.. that is a pre-build building actually.. and i just want to test how strong it is before i build the building from my actual idea.. but the lack of glue strength for this pre-build building make it look even better especially the collapsing roof and some of the falling floor..
to make it look better i add more card board piece stabbing into the mud to make it look like the falling part from the building..
three blowing crater made from finger and then paint by Mr.color black.. the waste i mention is i use lot of paint for the building.. keep on getting the wrong color and re-paint it again and again.. waste one bottle of Mr.color yellow, white and some Mr.surfacer.. DAMN!!!..

now.. moving the dynames in.. can't fit in the shield for the dynames.. it will only make it hard to pose.. now you know the main purpose of the building there.. it use as the cover for dynames.. haha..
taking photo for a diorama in small base is not an easy task.. expose too much on the kit will over shadow the diorama.. put both into the picture.. it will not look real.. damn.. part of that i was thinking about which background i should use.. black,white or just the outdoor background.. end up with white which i think is a terrible idea.. and the outdoor scene from my house.. bad..

i did some weathering stuff with gundam marker on the dynames.. was thinking of using the Tamiya weathering set but its out of my budget.. too bad..

that's it.. now i'm headache that how should i keep this thing.. i can't bring it into my room cause of the sand i use and my mom will definitely not allow me to bring it in.. frame it.. too costly.. so.. one last question before i end this post..

How do you keep the diorama you created?


Khaidir said...

NICE diorama bro... Have u seen mine? kinda simple.. like really really simple.. but i used My Customized Cherudim http://gunplakhaidir.blogspot.com/2011/04/cherudim-weapons-test-type-review-part_22.html

Tom said...

That's pretty nice looking for your first diorama.

seven6398 said...

khaidir: nice one there.. very creative on using the runners..

Tom: thx..

Gundam Gunso said...

Congrats on your 1st diorama. Nice work. I like the idea of Dynames taking cover behind the building XD

chrismandesign said...

it’s kinda a hard work to do... i remember i did a long ago, something like dios but not for model kits & well, it was great experience (i mean, a bullring in plasticine, with bulls, people & everything else & it was so good that was led to an exhibition... =O) no kidding, but that was a looooooong ago HAHAHAHAHAHA

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: thx.. that was the idea of the building..

Chris: wow.. hope i can show it in the coming competition.. but i haven't hear anything from it yet..

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: thanks.. that is the whole idea of it..


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