Monday, May 30, 2011

Bakuc 2011 ( at MICC The Mines)

first.. it is not the surprise that i want to show out as the previous post.. but it is a surprise for me as this event was held at The Mines.. somewhere near Serdang and also.. my home which locate at Sungai Long.. drive less than 10 minutes to reach there.. but i found a bit disappointed on how the event set up.. as i told from the organizer.. the reason that they held it here is because they can't get the space from Sungei Wang in Kuala Lumpur.. the second disappointment will be the event held under some kind of book fair or festival and it is not a single held event by Litt Tak themselves.. i was wondering how prize presentation held in this small booth..  the entries are not much too.. i only take those pictures with customization or painted kit.. so.. only 40++ picture show here.. 

few things that are more "positive" there are the limited good and some great promotion on the old kit.. scroll down and you will find what i'm talking about here..

this guy must have stole the wing or feather from eagle.. haha..
but i think he is using the NG version that the MG version..
i remember i saw this in some site before.. "EMcreation"?.. i can't find it..
ZD's kit.

ANA wing?
i never thought kong ming can become "cloud" too.. haha.. great idea here..

the base look familiar right.. remember there is a MG unicorn standing on this base last Bakuc.. hehe.. i took more picture on it.. feel that it would one of the best reference on building own mechanical base..
it have become winner in my judgement when i have my first "browse" for the entire event..

it is a PG!!!

it remind me the sangokuden talgesse Ryofu.. Lu Bu.. haha..

these are the discount item i want to share it out.. MG gundam Alex/NT-1 for only RM 99..
it use to be RM 60 but only RM 53 here.. you can save RM 7.. haha...
limited items..
and only RM 80 for this RG Aile Strike.. if not because of my wallet running out of money..  i will definitely get one there..

they even have a corner that showing some artwork with "malay" description on the sangokuden weapon..
new series?.. RM 8 for fast build sangokuden kit.. damn.. when will this series end.. i starting to feel  bored about this series.. haha..

so.. surprise.. coming soon.. tonight maybe.. hehe.. enjoy the pics..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

nice coverage as always :D

some quick notes : that Sangokuden White Tiger Sonken is from a previous entry, i think from last year mid year challenge. and that PG Zaku, guess who's the modeler? the one who make Unicorn Centaur Vs Kshatriya Dragon

seven6398 said...

ZD: no wonder that tiger sonken look so familiar.. omg.. that guy really awesome.. i should take the picture of his name.. haha.. i forget it..

Tom said...

SO many good builds. Did you enter this competition?

seven6398 said...

Tom: i miss it.. haha..

chrismandesign said...

there r some great jobs there, many for something that didn’t fulfilled ur expectations & i understand ur complaints... the place & logistic make the half of an event...

Gundam Gunso said...

Ooo... 80RM for the RG Aile Strike! Not a bad price at all. My favourite was the Wing 0 Custom with the 'egale' feathers. Haha.. XD

seven6398 said...

Chris: actually it is a great opportunity for medium player (maybe me) to participate.. at least those shark are not around and we might able to get some prize.. haha..

GUndam Gunso: that was my favorite too..

Blacksun88 said...

thx for sharing, how i wish i can attend the event...(not in malaysia during that time)

Anonymous said...

when the event end?

seven6398 said...

blacksun: welcome.. where are you?

anonymous: today.. Sunday..


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