Sunday, May 8, 2011

HGUC Unicorn (Destroy mode) custom

as i promised you all.. i will give some surprise to you all as the compensation of my absent.. and here it is.. my custom Unicorn.. what i should i name it?.. how about Unicorn AT-D which stand for "all-type destroyer".. not just aiming for new-type but both old-type and new-type.. wuahaha.. it will become the worse murderer in the UC history..

for the detail about the performance of this "kit" ( not the MS).. you can view from the WIP post under the widget.. what will i discuss about this kit in this post will be the pose-ability of this kit.. as what i said from the WIP.. the proportion of this kit is very dynamic.. it can create many type of dynamic pose for both shooting and slashing.. even the normal standing pose look dynamic.. weight problem? i don't think so.. the only drawback from me will be the beam magnum.. the cartridge is not molded separately.. masking needed for applying different color on it..
paint list:
-Mr.surfacer 1000
-Mr.color metallic blue
-Mr.color character blue
-Mr.color steel
-Mr.color black
-Mr.color fluorescent yellow ( it is not fluorescent green!!!)
-Mr.metal alluminium

Color mixture:
-metallic black from Mr.color black mixed with Mr.color steel
-metallic blue from Mr.color blue mixed with Mr.color character blue
-dark blue for Mr.color black mixed with Mr.color metallic blue and Mr.color character blue

so.. enjoy the pics..

the UC trio.. special ops from EFSF. haha..

one of the biggest mistake i made for this kit is i didn't use the fluorescent yellow properly.. and i try to cover the mistake by adding panel line which make it look even worse.. not logic.. how can a glowing psycho frame have panel line on it?.. zzz..

when i heard this kit released in HGUC format.. i was thinking that it can transform just like the MG format.. never thought that it will released in single form.. and have to get another kit for another form (unicorn).. i was wondering if this release it RG.. it might look better than the MG form..

next post?.. back to the dynames dio.. the building process is complete.. still looking for the right color for the entire dio..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

in a way, the color works well :D the fluorescent yellow somehow looks like green there. and maybe since you use marker for lining, so the black lining on Psycho frame does looks a bit off. i suggest you try enamel wash method, maybe green enamel wash will look good on the psycho frame, not to forget that enamel wash is more clean and can make thin, subtle lines ^^

seven6398 said...

Zd: yeah.. i've been thinking to use that method.. but i don't know how to start it.. especially what ratio should i use.. what tools (should i use brush?).. have to do another test soon..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

it is rather easy actually, just get some enamel paints and enamel thinner (or Zippo oil is fine too)

ratio, dont really need to be accurate, just thin the paint until it is very thin as water. brush, a fine brush will be very nice

blitz said...

I have been following yr blog quite some time, and i must admit, over the years, your skill in painting and photo shots have definitely improve! Keep it up! I can easily say u are the best gundam modeler in HELP university XD

Tom said...

It looks almost like the Blue Destiny, except with yellow green psycoframe!

seven6398 said...

ZD: thanks man.. i got it.. now i know what to do about it.. i can just use the cotton swap for the extra access..

blitz: thx man.. but i don't dare to admit that.. there are many "hidden dragon crouching tiger" around.. they just no reveal themselves.. haha..

Tom: if i left the psycho frame in red.. it sure follow the blue destiny color scheme.. haha

chrismandesign said...

man, this is a killer look & it was great to know some tips for that "enamel wash method"... i think it will b very suitable for my Magella Attack Tanks when i finally work on them... & bout ur works, u know u have what it takes =)

Khaidir said...

WOW!!!! nice Color scheme :D like the custom Zeta too :D


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