Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just more Lootz

went to FriendArt again.. but this time.. getting more craft tools after reading the Dengeki Magazine May issue.. 

-the 'ruler' just in case i need it..

-sanding block?.. look interesting but it seems not necessary

-brush.. for diorama.. the brush hair just nice.. not too rough or too smooth.. i was thinking of getting the smaller one for detailing but then.. i don't think i need it now.. so i pick the medium size that should works fine for diorama and large surface of hand painting in the future.. 

-design knife or art knife.. it is something i always need.. as i'm starting to learn more about cutting pla-plate.. i'm really need a sharp knife but i don't know how shard this knife can be.. the description never say that it suitable of cutting what type of material.. but it show the picture of cutting some kind of hard material like pla-plate.. so.. i pick it as well.. and the price of it is half of the Tamiya art knife..

next round.. cutting mat and more ruler.. not sure about the scribing tools yet.. should try on the stuff i bought before getting more of it.. 

damn.. i haven't decide what should i do for the next project.. perhaps i should do a poll again..

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