Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exams Are OVER!!! (check the poll)

Finally, I'm "officially" back. Just finish my exam today, the fifth subject of this semester. I can fully focus on my undone project now.

It will be study over if all subject pass.

So, the title of this post come with "check the poll" is to remind those who follow this blog to vote which kit should i review for the coming month which is November. The model kit that choose to be vote is MG Physalis GP02 (How should I spell it?), MG Sazabi and MG Hyakushiki. Three of this can be said as the antagonist mobile suit or Char's use mobile suit.

Found this photo from google, I''m not sure did the owner did anything to the peg but i check many review which didn't show it can pose like this. The only MG Sazabi version that can post like this was Keita's version which the legs can spread widely but he didn't make this pose from his Sazabi.
GP02 and Sazabi was the mobile suit I always want to get during my secondary school. I remember I saw MG Sazabi when I was in Form 3 in a gundam shop near my school, i'm totally impress with its design but I have no idea is it a Gundam or other Mobile suit; all i know is the design look cool. As for the GP02, the long large nuke bazooka or launcher with its huge and bulk design legs capture my attention when i saw it in Mid Valley few years ago. I was never think of what we call as articulation that time as this two kit was not made for great articulation but accuracy to look as similar as the anime.
I want this kit long time ago. Should be the only MG that came with gold plated armor (my mistake, there are MG Shining gundam in berserk hyper mode come in gold plated as well if i'm not wrong). Its rare to get one of this (i order it from a shop last time but i haven't collect it until now, hope the seller still keep it, haha). Well, the HD version and the Balut System version offer the similar design but i prefer the gold plated version. Remember i mentioned that i want to collect Z series mobile suit before, i have MG Zeta ver.2, MG ZZ, MG FAZZ Sentinel version, MG Zeta Plus A1, MG Zeta Plus C1, MG Mk2 ver.2 A.E.U.G and if i able to get this together, i should have complete my list accept those MG Rick Dom and MG Hizack. I still need to get MG Mk2 Ver.2 Titan version soon. 

So, remember to vote on which kit you want me to review (choose the kit that i choose, haha). 

And there will be some great promotion coming soon, i promise you (greatest promotion ever). Stay tune!!!


chrismandesign said...

hi there Seven... well my vote goes for the Sazabi, no doubt, a kit that i would love to own but i stopped all my orders for model kits & other stuff since my collection is growing too much... oh & FYI i remember i saw not so long ago, another MG kit with chromed finish, precisely a Z Gundam, so the Hyaku-Shiki is not the only one =P

seven6398 said...

Chris: ah.. you're right.. the MG shining gundam in berserk mode come with gold plated version too. anyway.. thanks for the vote..

Blitzstorm said...

Shining gundam does not have berserk mode..its called hyper mode..Nobel gundam is the one dat has berserker mode =)

seven6398 said...

blitzstorm: my fault again.. its hyper mode.. haha..

Khaidir said...

Nice Sazabi O_O.. Really need a Sazabi ><" anyways Congrats EXams are over haha XD mine is another 2 weeks ><"

seven6398 said...

khaidir: good luck on your exam..

Tom said...

Hmmmm, I'd go with GP02. Because I don't see it very often lol.

I'm jealous you finished your semester already. I can't wait to finish mines in a month.


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