Friday, October 7, 2011

Actions base 3

I'm awake, I'm awake (Dota). Back to the business, display stand or action base third generation(?). And this is the review on it. Well, this is a very good design stand where it have the potential to be modify in to some kind hangar diorama (as the base) or a very sleek high class display stand with addition LED perhaps.

First, lets check out the manual. One page, easy to assemble, tools you need might just a nipper or cutter and some small screw driver which we use to fix the screw in our spectacle. 
Only one runners
The base, screws, nuts, one piece of hard cover and one piece of clear cover.
The surface of the base appeal more like semi-gloss type. With so many holes for fitting the stand, its very flexible which its also good for 1/100 scale gundam. 

There are some other holes under the base serve for other functions. Will show later.

These are the photos for the stand, pretty simple and very flexible. It give the feels of mechanical arm rather than a stand. 

These is what i talk about the whole underneath. It have extra part looks like some kind of table legs but only two units come in one base which means if you want to make this display stand like a table, you have get another one. There are also extra part for us to combine it with action base (different types as well).
 As you can see the "U" connector is slightly different from the action base two which what we get for holding MG Astray Back pack/ sword/ tactical arms. Because the female joint for both action base one and action base two are different or work the other way round, both "U" connector is not compatible with each other. But the good thing is, this Action base three come with the convertor where even though this base is made for 1/144 scale gundam model like HGUC, HG, or RG, It still can fit those large "U" connector for 1/100 scale gundam model.

This is how it look like.
 And this will work for most of the newer version of 1/144 gundam model.

 Test fit.
 It can use for posing the gunpla on air or normal standing. It will look greater if it with additional light (like the PG SF base) right.

And the best part of the stand, use as a mechanical arm (i think this photos should inspire enough how potential this base can convert into mechanical base)

I used it for another kit, HGUC Rezel and one good thing i found is, the stand can tilt the model kit in the air so we don't have to tilt our camera to get the best angle.

(remember to move all the nubmarks and it doesn't require much painting to make it look nice but it up to your choice)
Next display stand review, electrical rotating base. Stay tune.


chrismandesign said...

gooood, u came back & the best of all... sober... HAHAHAHAHA... just kidding XDDDDD... & yep is a great base together with the circular led base for HGs (that i guess u already know)... i’m thinking into paint my stand/mechanical bases, now that i got my own airbrush & compressor, but i will make some previous tests with other kind of things =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: great to hear that.. since you always work with 1/144 scale model kit.. this might very useful for you..


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