Sunday, October 16, 2011

HG Genoace (My opinion)

When it introduce together with some Gundam Age preview or promo, all I think about this kit was simply design just for an weak grunt unit to be slaughter by the UE. Shape, weapon and almost everything look quite negative for me. It even worse when the first episode show that it can't even make a scratch on the UE and defeated easily. I totally feel disappointed on this. But when.... (refer to the third picture)

.. this picture appear, my mind change. Although it weak and the shape is not attracting, the articulation and posability design for this kit is great. The design is simple but it give lot of flexibility. I notice there are some upgrade of this MS coming soon which come in green color and the face look quite similar to the robot in"Real Steel" but I actually, still prefer this original design. It looks like it got lot of potential for modification but it can be tricky if want to keep the original mobility.

Another variation of it in white color which is custom use by certain important character. Haven't see it in action yet but from the weapon that it have which similar to the normal version, hope it won't as weak as the normal version. Like the normal Zaku and Char Zaku, both are the same Zaku with different color but it seems that the specs for Char Zaku is better. I think it should be same to this variation but of course, the plot skill is important too.

And the second gundam which will appear in the Gundam Age series. With it color scheme, I feel that the pilot of this gundam might be the pilot from the custom Genoace too. When I look at this gundam, there are only two things appear in my mind........

The color of the eye remind me shadow moon and..
the shoulder design remind me of Delta plus. 

There isn't much information about this new gundam yet which it might be antagonist gundam too but it appear it serve the similar role like Delta plus. Lets wait for the next episode and you can view the first 6 minute of Gundam Unicorn 4 here.


Q said...

Genoace does feel as if they are totally obsolete by the time we see its debut in the anime. Articulation on the Gunpla however, especially on the waist, is pretty impressive though.

The recently announced Shaldoll and G-Exes do however look as if they are developed after the Gundam and may stand a better chance, but they look something more like those from Full Metal Panic than those from Gundam (both whose mechs are designed by the same guy though ^^;).

chrismandesign said...

for me the Age looks a lot like the Real Robot Revolution mechs(OFC more simple & more white)... usually the simplicity in mecha design denotes its battle abilities, so the simpler, the weaker... i like them all but not as much to get’em =)

seven6398 said...

as usual.. master of grunt from both of you..

Q: but that two unit still not show in episode 2 and also the preview.. i wonder how it perform.. like 00 series.. i was doubt with the design before i watch the anime but it look cool in action which make me fall for it.. XD..

Chris: agree.. more simple more action.. MS gundam 0079 also come with similar design and with lot of cool action which make me thing that the story line and character development are very similar to the MS Gundam 0079 and Gundam X after watch the episode two..


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