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RG Aile Strike Review Part 2

Alright, Part 2 is here. As what I mentioned from the previous post, I will try to cover articulation, proportion, detail and other about this kit.

First, check out the photo, the description will come later.

As what i know, there are two tone for some colors such as white and beige, red and dark red and even the inner frame come with two tone which semi gloss and mat.

The first ting I'm going to cover is the articulation,

Starting from the neck joint, ball head to connect the head unit to the neck and the neck is tilt-able.

Arm unit, approximate 120 degree?

Shoulder joint.

Two movable point for the elbow joint which make able to bend more than 90 degree.

One of the most important joint that allow it to do dynamic pose is the waist joint. Similar to MG format, the chest unit can tilt backward and forward, it can also turn roughly about (something in the pictures)
All waist armors are come with individual ball joint which allow it to move independently. Not using ball joint on the crotch or the peg joint and the slot for display stand is using clip type. 

Side waist armors or armor schneider slot is one of the problem for the legs but if it remove, the legs can open up to 180 degree wide. (just like in the pictures)
And this is how it look like beneath the waist unit. The ball joint for the peg joint, a bit complicated here but don't worry because it all come in pre-assemble stage.

Another good thing for the feet unit is it can tilt upward and downward with additional joint break in the middle.

Half kneeling pose, checked.

Side kick, checked.( it can kick higher if not because of the side waist armors)

Overall, the articulation for this kit is not only good, but it might beyond what we think before we purchase this kit. The frame has been special design to bring out all the excitement for the articulation but there are something that we need to take note about the joint. Although this kit is well articulated, the joint are not sturdier enough to hold the kit for long time. I suggest that some of the tighten joint process must be done either by adding glue to the joint for making it thicker (you have to separate the joint into two part before apply the glue and let the glue dry before snapping back the joint together) and sturdier or direct paint the joint which will also help. 

The next topic I want to discuss about is the detail of the kit from inner frame to armors. most of the plain area which have the potential for adding pla-plate, panel line or armor cutting was almost gone, why? Because most of this area had been line scribed, all part are molded separately and there are not much place for adding pin hole.

The cockpit are design same as the MG format but the pilot figure in sitting mode are not provided.
From this photo, I think Sword Striker pack and Launch Striker pack will be here soon.
Unlike other format (except PG), every part of the thruster that come in different color are molded separately.
In terms of the inner frame, some of us might think that the inner frame was only focus on better articulation  but as what i show in the photo above, it is an hydraulic pump.
The inner frame was also design with some mechanical detail.
As the arm bend, we can see the sliding inner frame mechanism.

The leg inner mechanism is not bad too. The photo above should be able to show the different tone of the inner frame as the inner frame are made from two types of runners which is the B runner and F runner.
Even with the armor attach on it, there are some detail of the sliding mechanism expose.

As what I mentioned, most of the armor already line scribed as shown in the pictures (above). So it really save a lot of time where we just clean the nub marks, prime and paint it.

If you feel headache on how to paint the thruster for the Aile Striker for other format (except PG), you won't get it from the RG. Inner thrusters part had been molded separately too.

Attach with Aile Striker pack.

Regarding on the weight issues especially the flight pack Aile Striker, yes it does have some problem with it. Although I can make it a normal standing pose but this pose will not last long in our display shelf if there are no support. The reason is from the inner frame of the MS kit itself. There are too many joint and the flexibility of the joints are slightly too wide. Unless those joints fix or getting a display stand for it, it can't stand alone for long term.

Lets check out some shot with pose and I will discuss about the proportion here after all these action shots.

In terms of the proportion for this kit, all I can say is well done. (I don't mind the articulation is as accurate as TV version, I will like it as long as it suit my taste). Even though this kit was well proportionate but I do some some modeler try to improve it such as wider chest and bigger shoulder, sharper toe and higher legs, and most of them did very well. As for me, I'm not good enough for that kind of mod and this is good enough for me. If you check the pose that i try to make, it was not as dynamic as Robot Damashi and it is something slightly closer to the Revoltech. I study the gunpla kit proportion from that, RD and Revoltech is my reference. I think most of us know, Robot Damashi go more on extreme high dynamic pose where Revoltech go for average dynamic post and both are extremely good in dynamic pose but revoltech win on normal standing pose because it is well proportionate for all kind of pose.

Last shot is to show how it connect to the display stand with it's own custom connectors. I'm not sure other RG are using the same connector as this is my first RG. Will try to post about this if I'm getting the RG Freedom soon.  

So, last few topics are about modification, color scheme or kit bashing. As from the articulation, proportion and detail topic, this kit score pretty high. Therefore I don't think much modification needed for this kit to make it look better but some minor modification will make it look more impress which like what I mention about increase the size of the chest, shoulders and some mod on the toe and legs. Pla plate, line scrib or pin hole, not that necessary if it go for minor mod. Color scheme, it depend on the personal taste but i think painting this kit will not hard since most of the parts are molded separately. As for kit bashing, there are some reference from Hobby Magazine June issue where it show some sample of using RG Aile Strike convert into Strike Noir, Blitz and Strike IWSP. (instead of remastering the HG seed line for four upgrades which mod the color to HD color, additional part of display stand, packaging and adding marking, I RATHER HAVE ALL MAKE INTO RG!!!)

Last thing that I want to talk about is the clip from weapon and the weapon slot on the palm. It is not easy to handle especially the beam rifle, sometimes the fingers works better than those clip.

 If you want to get this kit, refer to here: 


Tom said...

Yea, I wished those "new" Seed HGs were RGs, or at least better HG then what the are now.

seven6398 said...

Tom: i was expecting some upgrade version of HG which close to at least something like HG 00 series..


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