Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rotating Display Stand

Another review for display stand or base but this time will be the rotating display stand or base with LED light.


Some brief description about this rotating stand or base:
-About 9 to 10 cm for the diameter
-Six LED lights
-Power by 3 x AA size batteries
-I think it can use power by direct electricity but i need to find a suitable power adapter for it
-It take about 1 minute plus to complete one rotation.

 Its a very simple product and even rotating speed is slow doesn't mean the power of rotating is weak. Check on the video which i try with 1/144 scale gundam model and also 1/100 heavy type scale model. It work pretty well.  (What about PG? I'm not sure but i will recommend larger base of course).

 Check out the photos for more detail.

 This is what i'm talking about. The port for power adapter next to the switch.
And light up.

Check out the link if you want to get one: 

I'm using the background music from MS Gundam Unicorn OST : Mobile Suit, Track 5. It was a headache procedure for me to look for the right background music, download and convert it. My laptop is a 3 years old plus AMD (gosh). And i always have problem of choosing the right song. There is always a question of "should the video suit the music or the other way round?" and the answer i get is "this is a chicken and egg story or question". Well that's true, i think i need a proper guideline for it.


Khaidir said...

watched this on Youtube.. its really interesting.. also saw a magnet type.. where they had flying Zeong lol XD

seven6398 said...

Khaidir: wow.. magnet type.. cool.. flying Zeong.. crazy.. LOL

valfrid said...

Thanks for the sharing the information about the Display Stands which helps for promoting...

Walton Lee said...

Its amazing. Thanks for sharing that how can we make best display stands.

aliah said...

These rotating display stands are great for displaying product & attracting new customers to your store. i like rotating display stand you shared.
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