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RG Aile Strike Review Part 1

My turn. I notice that quite a lot of people starting to work or review this kit recently. I'm not sure is it coincident or its the trend, i pick this to review because I think this is something lighter for me to review during my exam month but I think i underestimate the awesomeness of this kit. I've been reading some of the review about this kit (oops, haven't read Dalong's version but i read his RG RX-78 and i think it should be similar) and the actual touch on this kit compare to reading the review from other source is completely different thing. I was very exciting when i saw the announcement of this kit come in RG but i was quite disappointed when i look at the actual product (I'm not sure why, maybe i prefer 1/100 scale model more than 1/144 scale) and that's why i hold my decision of getting this after it release ( that is also the time i found it sell only RM 83 in The Mines event).  Well, some of the intro about this kit must be made. (this is my official review, hehe). Lets see what i think on my first Real Grade.

The MS itself is come from the Gundam Seed series which released on 2003 and pilot by the main character Kira Yamato which later pass it to Mwu La Flaga after some serious damage with the Aegis gundam and acquire Freedom gundam after the battle. Since it is a main character's MS, the full potential of this kit was show with all its optional pack which are the Aile Striker (in this kit), Launch Striker pack and also Sword Striker pack (hope these will release in RG too). 2x Vulcan on head, Beam rifle, Shield, Armor Schneider (knife), beam saber and also Bazooka (only appear a while in the anime) are the optional hand carry weapon. Striker pack can be mounted on Skygrasper as support unit in the battle which allow Strike to change it striker pack for different weapon and also the battery of the MS. Lots of variation made from it from Seed to Seed Destiny, Stargazer, Astray series and other Astray series.
Lets talk about the model kit itself, it come in 1/144 scale in Real Grade (1/144 scale model with extremely well articulated inner frame).

(articulation/posability, proportion, inner frame and armor detail, potential customization and other will come in part 2 of the review)

3D or CG design boxart. Something new and it really show what is the actual product is by looking at the (top or front) of the box.
Indeed, it is "Excitement Emboddied"

Nothing at the back of the box but just some black shining glossy paint which i think it make it look more prestige in 1/144 scale model.

Total of 8 runners with no poly cap runner (Awesome). Almost or all part are molded into different part with different colors. If you want it in original color scheme, i don't think you need to do any masking. All parts for inner frame are in runner F and B (Advanced MS Joint), (er, not food and beverages). I'm not good in spotting the potential area for variation part in the runners, if anyone found it please tell. A normal 1/144 HG model will come no more than 5 runners (except for those big one like Kshatriya or Sinanju maybe) but RG come with more runners not only due to inner frame but also many different independent molded parts. 

No dry transfer decal, all are marking stickers which can be easily apply.

The manual is not 2 pages folded type but in a booklet which similar to MG manual. I'm quite impressed with it.

And one thing that i notice from this new manual type is most of the area from the parts that connect or clip together with other parts are in pink colors which make us understand it easier especially for true amateur. As for the assemble process. it isn't that complicated but might harder for those who have big hand. There are lot of tiny little parts and I can't use much force on those part to assemble it because those parts are too tiny and I'm afraid that it's too fragile too.

Palm and fingers. Those fingers are great which come 1 joint within the fingers and another connect to the palm. There is also slot at the palm for weapons' clip to make it hold the weapons sturdier.

As show in the pictures, most of the inner frame are come in single part where certain area such as joint need additional parts from runner F. Skipping of assemble the inner frame really save a lot of time and seems more easier.

Complete Strike without back pack. The proportion look exactly same with the MG version right.

I think the parts for the RG Aile Strikers even more than the MG Aile Striker especially upper wings and adjustable thrusters. The joint for the upper wings seems more sturdier than the MG version (which i always have problem that the upper wing keep on falling down for the MG version).

Beam rifle is another interesting part. Color and parts separation is significant which if I want to make special color scheme on it, it shouldn't be hard and very less masking need.

The beam saber come with 2 types of holders which with clip and without clip (it means it got 4 holders for the beam saber). But the head that hold the beam only come with 2 unit.

Nothing much about the shield but my opinion, since this is a Real Grade there should be more separate part and color for the back of the shield.
The complete unit. One thing that I think most of you will notice is the shoulders flexibility was reduce after putting on the Aile Striker pack. It can't tilt higher and inner which make it look more dynamic or sexy like what we see in revoltech or robot damashi. (That is why Sword Strike and Launch Strike look sexier)

These are the additional parts, 2 x manipulators (fist type), joint or connector for the display stand and 1/144 Kira Yamato figure with his helmet off in his arm. 

Last thing that I want to share in the first part of the review is the joint of the inner frame. There are some hidden joint within the inner frame, study the inner frame carefully will help but don't simply bend thing in it when you think that is one of the joint because.... it can be easily break if too much force apply. And most of the parts are really tiny, make sure your working environment is not messy during the assemble process so you can easily find your part if you lost it (just in case).

As I mentioned above, part 2 of the review will cover these area:

-posability/ articulation
-inner frame and armors detail
-potential customization

stay tune..

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