Monday, January 23, 2012

1/144 Alteisen (restarting)

I bought this kit almost one year ago and i got it pre-assemble few weeks after i bought it. As for now, since the next review kit is on its way, i guess this is the best time for me to clear my backlog a bit. So, here we have this SRG 1/144 Alteisen. Every time i saw it, it keep on telling me "buy my variation, buy my variation".. and every time i visit local hobby shop and saw his brother, it keep on whispering "get me, get me". Haha. I'm really wish to get the 1/144 Alteisen Riesen and the progressive version. If i'm not wrong, the progressive version should have better articulation than this normal version. Whatever it is, get this done before the next review kit arrive.

What i'm trying to do on this kit was adding more panel line and pla-plate but the mood is just not there for me to make the right shape. Second thing that i want to do on this kit was add waist joint so the entire waist unit is turn-able. Well, i actually made it but feels like the joint a bit fragile. Hope it will stay as long as possible.
This is what you get after getting the waist joint. I do remember i pointed out some problem of this kit which is the joints for most of its parts are very fragile in its WIP post. Parts are keep on falling down when i try to put pla-plate and draw panel line.
Well, that's all for now. My boss called me and ask me to bring him for buying model kits few days ago. It was the largest loots i ever see (in real) in front of me and he ask me to build all for him within 4 months. Its crazy and i'm very exciting now. Maybe i should put on a list of those items here. So, stay tune.. kekekeke

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