Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MG Hyakushiki Review Part 3

It seems that i'm trying to rush everything here. This review should be done last year on December and that's why i need to complete it as soon as possible but most important thing is i must cover everything that i should for the review even though i try to rush everything.

I always saw lots of great video review of model kit in Youtube and number of viewers were a lot too. I'm not sure why that i have some weird feeling here. I do sell video camcorder and study something about video recording. When i saw their review, the good thing is those video come with lots of information but some basic requirements of video recording was not there such as steadiness, focusing and scenes duration (One scene for the entire video). I do have problems with these basic but i try to minimize it as much as possible. On top of that,  i feel my video is very boring too ( i guess most of you will notice it) because lack of information within the video. Until now, i'm still thinking of improve it and i'm seriously want to know what you want and your comments. Thanks.

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