Monday, January 16, 2012

MG Hyakushiki Modification part 1

So, this is the modification part I'm talking about in the previous post. I never thought of using this way to modify the abdomen part until i check because i'm lazy to check the WIP post in different forum, I will only check the end result normally but patience is a must for studying gunpla modification tutorial. As for this modification, I learn it from the modeler-g website. The author of the kit did this modification using a HGUC 1/144 Hyakushiki and he posted few WIP photos in that post which provide sufficient information for me to get what i want but i still can't get it to the perfect measurement i want at the end. What i'm not satisfy with the end result is the shape of the pla-plate was not perfect enough for me and the end result can be better if i add another 1 or 2mm of pla-plate into it. Nothing i can change since i have paint everything now. So, have a look on the this WIP process and i'm really hope you guys can give some comments for me to improve my future modification.

 This is what it looks like before the modification begin.

 Six piece (not six packs) of 0.5mm pla-plate glue together. The measurement that i cut out was 2cm X 3cm before it stick to the lower torso.
Cut out the ball joint and sand the cutting area to provide smooth surface.
Stick the pla-plate and cut out the shape of the pla-plate according to the lower torso shape. This is the hardest part for me because the lower torso come with many different edge (i will be death if it come it round shape). After shaping the pla-plate, use different grid sand paper to smooth the surface. I should apply putty to make sure the surface even before sanding but the putty i had become "dry" before i'm able to use it T_T.

 Drill a hole at the center for slotting back the ball joint.

From modifying the ball joint for the 1/100 NG Astray's neck, i think i have enough experience to deal with the original after cutting it out. First, drill a hole in the middle of the ball joint. Slot in the tiny metal rod (from paper clip).

The orange color part was cut from SD Sangokuden kit's runners (because it's thicker). Drill a hole on the orange color part and slot in the rest of the tiny metal rod into it. Apply glue to stick the orange color part and ball joint together.
And here we have the end result. the reason why i need to add the orange color part to the ball joint is because i need the create stronger attachment for the ball joint after slot it into the pla-plate (glue applied at the outer are of orange color part before slot back into the pla-plate). To make sure everything hold firmly, i leave some extra part of the metal rod out of the ball joint and bend it to make sure the ball joint will not slip out from the tiny metal rod. Additional two pla-plate to hold the ball joint. 

Well, that's all for the modification part. Sorry that i don't have a photo for the end result yet but don't worry because the complete album for this kit is coming soon. Stay tune.

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