Monday, January 2, 2012

First post for new year (updates again)

First post of this 2012, what should i post? Well, i think i have to say these few lame words "happy new year" as the beginning of this post. I keep on asking myself, should i make a round up post or summary of what happen to this blog for year 2011? Lazy has been always my answer but i think i will make it soon since Chinese New Year coming soon and there will be lots of free time. 

What am i up to now? Rushing the review for MG Hyakushiki, i always wanted to start this project and finally i'm to start it. Things goes pretty well now and hope nothing bad will happen. Extra caution have take for this project. I will talk more about this in its first WIP post.

As what are the new thing will come into this blog? Some renovation will begin soon. I already start planning what to add, change and the concept the entire layout. i felt a bit boring with the new space background and i guess its time to have it back on earth. There will be better navigation and more functional side bar which relate to GK and iShop2go. The last contest i did was not that successful, i know what are the reasons actually and i hope i can do better next time to convince my sponsor to improve more on the prize but one important thing.. i need support from you all.

Lastly, new chapter of my life should begin soon but no matter what... Gundam and Gunpla forever!!!

So, stay tune for the coming review, changes of this blog and contest....

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