Thursday, January 19, 2012

MG Hyakushiki Complete

Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. I'm not just complete the model kit but also the collection of Zeta A.E.U.G unit that i wanted. I know there are more MS in that team such as Mk II titan color unit 2 and 3 as well as Rick Dias but these are not the prior model kit that i want to collect from that series. So, here we have the MG Hyakushiki completed by me. 

Since part one and part two already discuss from box art to the detail and articulation of this kit, maybe i should wrap up the modification description here. From the first photo, it doesn't show much different on the modified but may be the second photo will. The painting process for this time was quite easy but it still require two painting session for me to complete the entire painting process due to the heat from the compressor. Here is the paint list used on this kit:

-Mr.Surfacer 1000 as the base
-Dark blue (combination of Mr.Color Character blue, Mr.Color Metallic Blue and Mr.Color Metallic Black)
-Blood red (Mr.Color Metallic red)
-Silver (Mr.Metal Silver Chrome)
-Black (Mr.Color Metallic Black)
-Panel line on the pipe ( Tamiya Enamel Dark Blue)

These are the paint i need to complete this project, quite simple isn't it. The color scheme that i used was almost same from the manual. The only part i changed was the hydraulic pipe in the legs which i painted with red and silver and the thrusters on the back pack with silver. I'm using Tamiya enamel dark blue this time as for panel in those red color pipe. For me, it was a new method since i use airbrush spray directly to those pipe and use wash method to achieve the result show in the picture (number 8 from top). I learn this method from Youtube which show modelers from Japan which their work also features in Dengeki Magazine and Hobby Magazine (there are lot of techniques that i finally have the tools to learn and practice about it). I will try to show as much video as i can into here later.

I do mentioned that this kit is hard to pose or create dynamic shots for photos and yes it is (for me). The solution i have by not putting on heavy modification to make this model kit look dynamic in the photo is by using a wide-angle with close distance focus lens but not only that, the waist joint plays important role to make it look the action look more dynamic. Wide angle with close distance focus lens can stretch the object in the photo look longer if you have camera with wide-angle lens and the effect will be more stronger with wider angle lens. It also will help for making the object posing in the photos look more dynamic. Too bad i only have the  18-55mm wide angle lens which have the film format equivalent to 28mm focal length and the closest range for the lens to focus is about 25cm away. My only solution (other than changing the lens) is to crop the photos.  

Alright, enough for the words and let pictures tell the rest:

Before i wrap it up, as you can see from the photos which there are lot of finger prints on the model kit due to its surface was gloss gold plated. I intend to clean it actually but after playing with it for different post, i just lazy to clean it again. So, my tips while playing with this kit for photo, wear gloves. 

The review or project that coming up? Something red and before i can get my hand on it, time to do something on my Kotobukiya Alteisein. So, stay tune and Happy Chinese new year


chrismandesign said...

this is the kind of models that looks great even without any paint on them, but certainly the details you added are pretty fine, specially the mod you did on the torso, it gives more proportion (’cause it looks a bit "dwarfy" at the beginning)... i’m pretty sure it looks outstanding on display and even "opaque" to those around him =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: thanks, agree with you. it looks almost like un-paint version.


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