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MG Hyakushiki Review part 2

So, here we have the part 2 of the review for MG Hyakushiki. As what you see from, this snap and fit version was almost same as the complete version if you decide not to do anything on the golden plate armor. 

So, first check on the proportion of the kit. I mentioned about the abdomen or lower torso area was a bit too short, then i feel it was quite acceptable after i complete it but again my first feeling came back to haunt me after slot in the palm unit. I think i'm really need to do something on it. Other than the lower torso, the second proportion flaw that i complain was the feet. It can be better if it slimmer a but it will require either cutting or sanding which will damage the gold plate part. Therefore, i'm not planning to do anything on it. These are the only flaws that i complain. 

In terms of articulation, we can't expect much from a old kit. There is one pictures in this post show how much i can bend its knees, feet and arms. If we check from side way, i can say the articulation is good enough for this kit but what make it look bad is the two proportion flaws that i mentioned (in my opinion). Although refining or repairing the proportion flaws can't help on articulation but sharpening the shape of certain part will make the whole kit loo more dynamic even the kit has limitation on the articulations.So, can it pose? yes but... depends.. 

In terms of detail of this kit, not much but sufficient. Although most of the snap and fit procedures were simple since this kit doesn't come with lot of parts but most of the area are cover properly. For example, the back of the skirt armors was cover which not like what we have from MG Strike gundam. Pipes at arms were molded separately and this kit should only require very few masking process for painting. If you think of adding panel line or plate armors, there are still lot of empty space around the torso (don't mess with the gold plate armors!!! i just feel its a waste if someone sand it off for mod. Haha).

 The hydraulic pump was highlighted in the box and the manual. I guess it was one of the advance technology that Bandai introduce for early MG model. I saw lots of people paint it red and i think i will do the same thing too.

 There are two ways of spreading the legs but it might damage the gold plate armors (like what i mentioned before, the gold plate armors need to be sacrifice if i want to mod certain area of this kit). Since the legs can't spread wide, i need to think of other way to make the kit look dynamic such as using wide-angle lens from the camera but again, the feet look too bulk!!! Actually there is some method i can improve the legs for spreading wider by modding the crotch area but the risk can be quite high.

 Playing with wireless flash setting and the flash exposure wipe out the stand completely. Haha.

 Bouncing flash setting still the best.

 In order to hold the beam saber, it need to swap the palm unit (manipulator) because the other four fingers was design to hold beam rifle and "rocket launcher". It might be a bit troublesome but it does provide better grip compare to those MG palm from older Wing series and Seed/Destiny series.
Do you feel anything missing from here. No but it will look better if it come with terminator eyes just like the Delta Plus. I saw someone made it actually.

Since it was one of the Char's MS and it come with golden plate armors, I think there are lots of Char's fan like about this kit. So, if you think of modifying this kit, don't mess with the gold plate armor version please (i can feel this version is going to extinct soon, haha) and get the normal version or the Balute system version. There are some recent poll indicate that MG Hyakushiki ver.2 will come around this year. I wish this is true but I don't think Bandai will give us the gold plate armor version. Some of you might don't care about it since we can paint our own gold color on it ( i do enjoy use gold color paint but i prefer the result to be like this). In terms of modifying this kit completely, I'm sure there are lot of great work there because this kit do have lot of potential. I remember I saw one modeler made this into the Son Goku look from Chinese tale story version (not Dragon Ball!!!) in one of the Bakuc Malaysia (you can search it in my blog from "Bakuc post"). I'm going to mod my soon and what are you waiting for........

Part 3: video coming soon.. stay tune..
Where can get this? check out the link..

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