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MG Hyakushiki Review Part 1

I'm back with MG Hyakushiki review here this time. If you remember the poll that i made few months ago, this was the kit that have the highest vote and therefore i choose this kit as the review kit this time. This project should have start and done on November but due too many of things happened in November and December, i had to postpone this review. I think i has mentioned before that i always wanted to get this kit and today i finally get it and doing a review for it. There is one thing always haunted me for not getting this kit especially this version because as what we can for other version were either come in yellow beige color or the brown gold color for the HD version. This is the only version that i feel best suit for this MS because the anime want to show it really in gold color but of course the gold color in the anime was not like what we saw from Akatsuki in Gundam Seed Destiny. And the curse of the gold plated kit, Bandai always like to make plated kit in limited edition which make us difficult to get one of it. In my country here, the normal version and the HD version were cost around RM 140- RM 150 ++ but this cost about RM 169 and most shop only carry.. very very few units. So if you think of making money from gunpla for limited item, this might be a good consideration. Although this gold plated version was so special, some people don't like it actually. One of the reason that people don't like the kit might due to difficulty of handling those gold plated part on the cutting process from the runners. Once you screw up, it is extremely hard to recover (there are some solutions such as applying gold trim "paper") and since this gold plated version is more expensive due to it's "gold plated part", those who think to re-paint or re-mod this kit might not favor to this version. As for me, some of you know my style on modding (low level or simple type mod... XD) my model kit and that is the reason i pick this version. 

Not like most of the UC fans, I only saw it from the ZZ series but not the Z series anime but the action from the ZZ series is good enough for me to think of what pose should made in part 2 of the review. Unfortunately, ZZ series was more kiddy type as compare to the Z series in my opinion although i haven't watch the Z series (it just my own feelings after watching some short clip of Z series). As for the design on this MS, it look great in the anime (the real kit seems a bit out in terms of its proportion). Weapons come with this MS is simple as it only come with one beam rifle, bazooka and two beam saber. I was wondering why this MS doesn't come with any defense equipment or mechanism such as shield. Does it share the same defense system with the Akatsuki (from GSD series) beam reflector armor from its gold plated armor? or it has the fastest agility to avoid all incoming attack (but i don't see it got lot of vernier or thruster)? I think i should check it out from the Z series. Maybe i should let you guys to check out the photos before i continue...

 Some how the color from the boxart for this MS look even better (IMO) than the real kit or the MS in the anime.

From the manual, you can see most of the assembling process are pretty straightforward. No mesh pipe, no transformation joint or lot of duplicated parts but you have to be extra careful on cutting out the parts from the runners so it won't mess up the gold plated parts. Same as cleaning nub marks as well.

Some gold plated parts are come as the pictures above but some are come with normal joint for the runners and gold plated parts. Therefore, some of the gold plated parts are actually unavoidably spoil when it needed to cut out from the runners but luckily, most of this spoil area of the gold plated parts are in hiding spot.

There are 13 runners include one polycap runner. As there are only few runners come in this kit, most of the part doesn't come with inner frame although it is a MG.

I was quite worry about the red color pipe was come in gold color and mod together with the arms armor but luckily it was mod separately. It was something out of the expectation despite it is an out MG kit.

Like what i said just now, most of the part doesn't come with inner frame, this happen to the waist unit and torso. Good thing is the assembling process become simpler and since there are not much gimmick for the torso and waist unit to show off.

And this is the best part, most of the part for the head unit are come in gold plated parts which means i don't have to paint the head unit.

 isn't this is extremely simple?

This is my first time encounter with this kind of palm design in MG kit. The thumbs are not moveable while other four finger were mod together. There are two types of palm set provided with different design on the one piece molded four fingers to grip different types of weapons.

 This was my favorite photo after i complete the assembling process
I guess i complete it right? XD.. there are still more to go for this kit actually. 

In part 2 of this review will discuss about the articulation and proportion as well as the potential on customization and its variation. My concept on this kit will come in too. So, stay tune!!!

Where can get this? check out the link..

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andymath said...

I just got this kit. I always loved Hyaku Shiki's design. I bought the HG as well, but I have not received it yet. Nice review, :)


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