Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 7

so.. back to work on this kit.. the crossbone.. this time is the waist unit.. the inner frame doesn't require much part.. basically not much special function to the inner frame of the waist.. but it is different story for the plate armor.. as we can see that the plate armor is required more parts than normal plate armor for other kit.. i mean those two front plate.. it is because it can transform into some kind of hook.. will try to show it when i complete this kit.. the back plate armor was like usual..

the completed plate armor..
the back of the plate armor.. as i see most of the pro modeled fill something extra part which i don't what is that into the back of the waist plate armor.. maybe using pla plate.. can't confirm that.. but this kit is different.. due to the function from the plate.. inner part for the plate armor provided..
add some panel line here eventhough it can't be seen after the complete assembling take place..
thats iy.. complete..

will be continue..

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