Sunday, December 27, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 8

time for the weapons.. the tactical arm, magazines and other armor shneider.. i decide to separate the pictures for the parts of tactical arm here due to a lot of parts there..

start with the part for sword arm.. i don't know the name of this weapon actually.. luckily it stated in the manual.. this is the interesting part for this kit as i never see this weapon for astray blue frame second L in manga or anime..
half complete sword arm with thruster on top..
parts for the thrusters.. feel a bit weird here.. prefer the 1/100 astray blue frame second L version which have the square shape thrusters whereas this one come in oval shape..
parts for the handle.. quite impressive.. the MG Astray red frame kai have the similar type also.. but the MG astray red frame kai have additional handle on the back for the bow purpose..
parts for the gatling gun.. it short but look better than the gatling gun on IWSP strike's shield.. reason is because lesser nub marks can be seen from this one..
the complete thruster..

the complete tactical arm.. it is so big..
so i put my hand in to show the scale or size.. i guess it even bigger than those revoltech figure right.. i didn't collect any revoltech so not sure about the size but planning for collecting reveltech arbalest and laveitein from Full Metal Panic.. (anyone know the title for the third season??? is it called fumoffu?)
magazines and armor shneiders..
i didn't realize this is actually a magazines which put slot to the tactical arm one the tactical arm transform to gatling gun form.. i thought it is a wing in 1/100 astray blue frame second L.. XD
i watch one of the video clip in youtube which show the tactical arm in flight form fire it gatling gun even the magazines is not in.. i was like.. "'-_- ..
as i said from the previous post.. the armor shneider for this kit look a lot more better than the MG strike's armor shneider.. but it can't be fold like those from MG strike's armor shneider.. whatever.. i still like this one..

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

the giant sword dis called the "tactical arms" btw u getting the mg red fram kai with da tactical arms dats gonna be released in febuary

seven6398 said...

asian1skill: definitely.. but also need to depend on my budget.. it just the matter of time.. when will i get it..

Asian1skill said...



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