Thursday, December 10, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth complete

finally i finish upload all the pictures for this Crossbone.. i'm not sure is there a problem with the uploader or my laptop or the files size of the picture is too big.. so it took me few days to upload.. sorry for the late update.. first.. lets talk about the camera i use for this time..

so this time.. able to get the demo unit for few days to create some good photo.. oops.. i mean the camera.. get two most high end semi-pro series DSLR which is the Canon EOS5D Mk2 with kit lens EF24-105mm L IS USM and Canon EOS 7D also with the latest kit lens EFS18-135mm IS.. damn both camera performance are totally unbelievable..

first talk about this Canon EOS 7D.. this is the camera i use most for this album.. reason?. i like the grip and the weight.. better than Canon 5D Mk2 as my opinion.. this camera not as heavy as Canon 5D Mk2 with its kit lens.. the 18 AF-point really flexible and help a lot.. part of that.. using ISO 1600 with the help of Dual DIGIC 4 processor for noise reduction.. shutter at 1/40 in my room with dull light really not a problem anymore.. i'm not fully utilize all the function inside for this album.. there is one more thing i have to add here is the white balance.. can adjust either by using the 'K' number or 4 axis color.. so nice.. but some of the photos got some weird white balance due to i'm lazy to fine the suitable one and i feel the auto white balance a bit not satisfy for me..

so.. here we go.. the legend.. Canon 5D Mk2 with kit lens EF-24-105mm L IS USM.. i use this camera took about 30 photos in this crossbone album and i feel damn tired of holding it.. actually i have try the old version with the same kit lens before for some golf photograph and it was so tired due to the weight of the lens.. but one thing for sure Canon EOS 7D can't replace it is the color production by the full frame CMOS.. you don't have to use Dual DIGIC 4 but you still get the low noise level photo when using ISO 1600.. white balance can adjust by 'K' number.. the color is unbelievable nice especailly combine with the L lenses.. time to view the kit photos..

 the normal posing is just cool enough.. but the weight of the cloth always become an issue for posing.. the weapon carry a lot of weight too.. the clip just can't support the crossbow nicely and always fall down..

 look at the depth of field.. this picture was taken by the 5D Mk2.. so can't use small aperture to reduce the depth of field due to no speed-lite available for me and there is no build in pops-up flash in the camera..

 first action pose i made actually.. quite disappointed.. all the part of the cloth is a bit fragile and keep on falling down.. especially part of the cloth that attach near the cockpit..

 a great sword with weird beam shape.. what an fun weapon to paly with because the sword can actually hold like a lance..

 showing the painted part from the core fighter..

 my favorite shots..

 pirate pistol.. look weird but fun.. the way it hold was quite close MG shin musha rifle..but this is the shorter version..

 side kick.. i should make it perform with the knife come out from the leg.. lazy..
 pirate blade..

 change camera to 7D and use small aperture with flash to focus all.. too bad there is shadow here..
 using wrong white balance.. can't match flash.. i should use about 5000k but i use only 4500k..
 this is my favorite weapon in this kit actually.. i think i have mention it from the previous post.. pirate beam blade combine with pirate pistol and become some kind of sub-machine gun..
 the hook.. i try to copy the pose from Z but the ball joint is too loose.. so i have to use to angle to make it look dynamic and the hook look longer..

 the shield is another interesting part.. hard to assemble in but easy to pose with it..

 this is the weapon that i not pose too.. i have no idea how to make the paln hold this.. any tips?

alright.. thats all for this kit.. hope you guys who read this enjoy.. critic and comment are welcome.. first time i said this..

link for the WIP:

the end..


Sajuuk said...

That kit came out nice! You got some good shots there too. I just got my kit for the Full Cloth Crossbone in a few days ago but haven't started working on it yet (too busy on my Ex-S [Ext] kit).

seven6398 said...

Sajuuk: thx.. EXS.. MG version?.. just for the assembling process may take a month.. hope to see yours complete soon..

chrismandesign said...

as i supose... very nice kit, but the pics, uhmmm to b sincere, could b better, specially if u hav those excellent semi-pro cams... i mean, the pics seem "sad" a ltl dark (even with ISO 1600)... i know ur room has "light problems" so u must wait sun light 2 help & get better results... i’ll keep on line 2 see more... congrats !!!

seven6398 said...

chrismandesign: thx.. actually i can use the setting to improve the lighting but i'm just want to use fast shutter to reduce blurness.. using flash is just too hard to get the right white balance.. sunlight do help a lot.. i'm just visit here.. and those white back ground with some light yellow brown light really nice..

chrismandesign said...

yes... to use flash is annoying, i don’t use it at all, all my pics r taken only with natural light (sunny days r perfect for my shots !!!) that Wing gundam looks great, i mean the personalization, but the background just "eats him" if u want to show properly ur great figures, u must choose a contrasting background (it helps to improve the focus, believe it or not...) ohhh almost forget, u might consider to optimize ur pics (when u upload big pics, the navigation of ur blog becomes a mess... believe me)

seven6398 said...

chrismandesign: too bad that its hard for my room to get good sunlight due to my window not facing the right direction.. and i'm not able to set up my background at other place.. optimizing the pictures? you mean compress it??

chrismandesign said...

then u could try 2 b more sociable, & tell to any of ur neigbour to lend u a place with sun light available LOL :)))) & yes i mean compress ur pics, if the image is vertical i suggest 700 pixels height (max.) & if the image is horizontal 700 pixels length (max.) & 72 dpi, JPG format in both cases... u can upload bigger images that fill up the screen of the visitors but it goes against a fast navigation (i learned it as a graphic/web designer...)

seven6398 said...

chrismandesign: i can try to do something on photo size and improve the contrast of the backdrop by using glossy type backdrop.. currently i'm using the back of some advertisement banner as the background and it is semi-gloss.. for the neighborhood stuff.. mm.. nothing can do from me.. haha

chrismandesign said...

no social life ??? so sorry 4 u (kjakjakajkajkajkajkja)... no problem, that’s the collector’s syndrome LOL... uhu, when i said change ur backgrounds, i mean if ur figure has mostly light colours then u should use a dark background & if ur figure has mostly dark colours then u should try a ligther background... & u may prefer mate backgrounds than glossy... u’ll see, ur figures just pop up from d pic !!!

seven6398 said...

Chrismandesign: not close with my neighbour doesn't mean no social life.. i don't have to get to my neighbour place to have good sunlight.. i have my own balcony and car porch which have a very good sunlight in the morning even in the evening.. just lazy to set up there due to my parents complain.. and my social life is quite complicated and alot.. and i do have friend that influence by me and collecting gunpla now.. mm.. no offend here.. nice advise for the color stuff.. i should try to look for some dark background as my alternative for light color kit.. thx

chrismandesign said...

obviously i was kidding bout ur social life... i dun hav too many friends, but the ones i hav last 4 years... i guess u can get the gundam markers easily, i mean, myb in the specialized stores... cuz i only can get’em by internet... i’m waiting to get this stuff (i hav a friend of mine that can lend me his airbrush) that’s d reason why my model kits r still in their boxes to b personalized

seven6398 said...

Chrismandesign: mm.. maybe you can add my msn.. more easier if we chat there.. maybe i overreac a bit.. where are you come from actually.. wonder why you can't get those gundam marker easily..

chrismandesign said...

kjakjajakjakkakajka... u r in my MSN right now... u overacted urself a bit??? why u say that??? LOL XDDDDDDDDDD... i’m from Bogotá, D.C. Colombia, quite a bit far from u, Malasya & all the east of d world... gundam markers (gunplas & almost all stuff i own) r not available in my country, gundam markers specifically r not available not even in stores in U.S.A. only by internet or by order... not as in ur country, i supose...


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