Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 1

alright.. time to start building this kit.. first of all.. lets check out the box art and the content (the runners and the other part like premium item).. the runners and manual is pretty interesting.. but lazy to scan the manual..

mm.. the front of the box.. i feel the boxart is a bit lame.. it should have some dynamic pose for this gundam.. mirage astray on the back.. will it indicate that there will be a MG version for mirage astray soon?.. hehe..
the most interesting part of the box.. show the function of the weapon for this gundam.. and also the content..
the stand for the tactical arm is included.. flexible articulation for this kit base on the box..

the most interesting part.. special premium item.. i remember someone told me this kit doesn't come with the special premium part for those that sell in low price.. i was like.. forget about it.. i don't really care this premium item since i'm not planning to swap the backpack.. but then.. this kit at low price in my country come together with it.. so.. feel a bit delight..

manual for the premium item..
this is the runner for the premium item..

22 runners come in this kit which include the two polycap runners, premium item and the stand for tactical arm 2..

when i assemble this kit.. what i'm realize is all the parts have been arrange nicely in the runners.. lets say if the some part require 4 different color molded part.. all part that same color will come in one runners.. as for the head is a bit different as what i show from the picture above.. it is the runner 'A' and the part inside the red box are all the part for the head unit.. of course there is one more polycap part from the polycap runners..

alright.. one weird thing i notice here is this kit have two polycap runners.. it is twins.. why not make it together.. is that for future runners rearrange purpose?
runner for the stand.. it is a stand for 1/144 scale model but in here.. it special made for the tactical arm 2..

bling bling.. the dark grey color or black grey parts.. what ever it call.. i'm just love this color.. it is a metalic type painting.. at first i thought i want this color in gun metal (try some new stuff).. but since it already metalic painted.. then i will just leave it..

actually i'm in the middle of assembling process.. have reach the part for legs.. what i'm realize this kit was.. it is not like an normal MG.. reason is because normal MG will have their frame inside and cover by plate armor whereas Astray have most of its inner frame expose out and only few plate armor cover it up.. so i don't feel much different of assembling the MG version or the NG 1/100 version.. but there are some significant different for this MG version is it come with a lot of detail and the articulation is improve a lot as what i seen from the box.. i guess most of the problem from NG 1/100 version may resolve..

so.. what am i plan for this kit.. this time i'm not going to just snap and fit the parts.. i'm thinking of painting..

-first.. metalic blue with glossy top coat on most of the blue color parts..

-second.. mat top coat on most of the white color part..

-third.. black panel line.. i was wondering how to apply panel line on the part after painting.. if i some mistake there.. will i able to correct it?. and will i spoil the paint if i rub off the panel line on top of the paint? what types of tool suitable to rub? really need some help here..

-fourth.. decals and marking

i guess that all for what i want to do on this kit.. hope i have time to collect my money and compressor..

to be continue..

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