Monday, December 28, 2009

Cloth for figure or doll

my last post of this month and also for this year.. 2009.. something that not related to my hobby.. but look quite interesting to me.. it was some cloth and accessory for dolls i found in Mid Valley Megamall.. maybe it can work for some figure too..

was working for a shoot view print (SVP) job over there.. then found this stuff at ground floor in between Center court and South Court.. lazy to carry the camera around while i'm in break which i use to visit some hobby and toys shops.. also some anime and manga shop.. should take some picture about that stuff.. i went to the North Court which have one shop that selling a lot of stuff related to Table War Game.. those mini figure of Table War Game really awesome.. like those Dawn Of War.. a lot of player there are very skillful of building diorama too.. saw some of their work over there.. hope i can meet them and get some advise..

close up for those evening gown.. so many types of them..
they even sell those furniture as well.. barbie doll world!!!

this picture is from another stall next to it.. Christmas stuff.. oh ya.. i took this picture just on the Christmas..

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