Thursday, December 24, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 6

for the legs and feets unit..

for its feets.. there are two blade which called Armor Schneider in the manual.. much like strike gundam.. but astray armor shneider look much more cooler.. should show those that hold by hand type.. but i like the sliding armor shneider which is under the feet and the others was back of the feet..

plenty of detail under the feet.. with the metalic color.. it just look nice..

sliding shneider..
complete feet..
the most complicated MG legs i seen before.. i mean it got a lot of parts.. if you going to collect MG astray variation.. get prepare for this..
notice that there are two things look like a screw for the joint.. never see this kind of joint in other MG before.. i mean from the MG i made so far.. pretty impressive here.. and if you lost this two screw.. say bye bye to the legs..
the other side which is the slot for the screw.. the detail for the legs is quite a lot too.. and there are few hydraulic pump which we can play with the gundam marker to make it look more detail..
complete legs without the feets..
thats all for the legs and feets.. sure this is the part that will make me headache for painting..

to be continue..

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