Friday, December 4, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 9

alright.. i guess before we talk about the weapon.. lets start with the cloth first.. first of all.. it remind me Dynames shield.. but this look special.. originally from other crossbone like X2 or X3 which i not familiar with.. will come in a real cloth (soft type).. whereas this is a bit different.. i guess thats make this cost more right.. but.. honestly.. i don't like it.. cause it just will make alot trouble for posing.. and due to the weight.. the cloth just can't stay well in one position.. what i like for this cloth is actually the holder or the joint for the cloth to the shoulders which looks like some kind of skull with claw and can turn into some kind of weapon.. i paint the skull with silver color and spray it with mat type top coat.. i was planning on using the glossy top coat at first but my wallet can't afford any paint yet.. so.. lets check the part..

some of the yellow part which i circle it was assemble in this picture because most of it look same and very hard to differentiate as what we see from the picture below.. show the runners..

the inner frame of the holder for the cloth..
the skull i'm talking about.. will show the after paint result soon..

cloth unit complete..

this are the part for the cloth that connect around the neck.. no picture the complete one cause it is an easy part to assemble.. BUT.. god damn hard to join to the chest.. the cover for the cockpit which near the neck.. the joint is too loose..

will be continue

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