Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MG Crossbone X-1 FullCloth WIP 8

core fighter..

when i see this core fighter.. i was like.. how come this core fighter doesn't come with any wing but just long booster.. so weird.. but i like the design where the cockpit reach the right place of the chest and stay horizontally.. not like the core splendor from MG Impulse which face down and turn vertically after it reach the chest.. the cover or door or the glass.. what ever.. what i want to say here is that we still can reach the pilot even the core fighter is in the chest..

alright.. almost done here..
the connector for the core fighter to the booster which the booster will open and look like a 'X' later.. i guess that is why this gundam called crossbone..

painted the hydraulic pump and made some panel line here..
close up.. notice that i didn't assemble it with the thruster yet.. i'm going to paint the thruster..
alright.. core fighter complete withour thrusters.. almost done..

this is what it look like after the core fighter combine with the gundam.. next will on wepaon i guess..

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

nice touch ups on the gold parts. u gonna custom paint dis or leave it as it is?

seven6398 said...

asian1skill: i will just leave it as it is.. not going to do any special painting on this.. but i also seldom
see people customize this kit too.. custom paint this is a good idea too..


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