Friday, December 18, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 2

alright.. the usual beginning of MG seed series gunpla.. start assemble with the chest.. then head.. arm.. leg.. waist.. then.. weapon or backpack.. damn.. it got a lot of blue color parts.. it will be quite difficult for painting..

look at the parts.. it contained a lot of tiny parts.. and since Astray have most of the inner frame expose out.. not much plate armor is going to use on the chest..
the part that use to connect to the nect.. as what i see here is it got plenty of detail.. panel line will be very difficult to apply here..
the cockpit.. so far i was quite impress with all the detail of each part.. again.. painting is pretty hard unless you use to paint tiny thing which require better skill for it.. and the shape for this part is look quite similar to MG Exia..

done.. i'm not going to put it all together yet.. i need to separate all the part after i apply decal on the white color parts for painting..

part of the review of the this MG kit in this post.. something i want to share it out..

i'm just check out NK's blog and find out there are many new release which suit my taste coming soon.. fantastic but.. damn.. Bandai is going to release a lot of stuff which a lot of people dream of very fast..

HG reborn gundam trans-arm.. the normal version release out which look much more better in my opinion and i haven't see livonze use it in the anime..

HG Susanowo trans-arm.. HG masurao just release.. better wait for HG masurao trans-arm version..

HG 00 seven sword.. i was hoping this come in gunpla too instead of figure type.. and it come true even just in 1/144 scale..

damn.. all this MS are my favorite.. it make me want to collect HG 1/144 series too since i'm don't really like to collect 1/144 scale model.. due to the size and a lot of detailing needed..

and another surprise was the MG Astray Red Frame Kai.. wait a minute.. isn't Astray red frame's pilot is Lowe Guele.. who the heck is "Kai" or what does that mean?

i also saw the Hong Kong Gundam expo photo.. hope Q will post more about that.. and i saw dengeki actually have made one MG Astray red frame.. i guess that is the custom type.. and the normal type which i mention above is going to release at February at the price of 5250 yen.. even more expensive than MG Atray Blue Frame Second Revise which have more part than the Astray Red Frame.. is the price and the "Kai" word bring the meaning of the MG Astray Red Frame Kai is going to release with some special equipment like the flight pack (that will be awesome)?..

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