Sunday, October 4, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 3

wow wow wow.. i left my blog not update for 5 DAYS!!!.. damn.. just have time to continue this kit on yesterday morning.. purposely wake up at 7a.m. something to paint this kit before went to work.. haha.. some of the neighbor just purposely came out to see what am i doing..

guess i will have this on WIP 3.. have part of the body, legs, shoulder and waist painted.. guess the abro 18k premium gold work again.. and my new test paint which called fluorescent green.. originally i was thinking of using something that can glow in the dark but i guess no such thing on paint right.. even it have something like that will cost a lot.. so i look for the pandan green instead.. then i found the pandan green from the ACE hardware shop was too dark or deem.. so found this fluorescent green later.. never thought the it turn out beyond my expectation.. so nice.. but this is a industrial can spray.. so it is no easy to control the amount that coming out and end up some part to be re-paint.. that is why some of part comes in pair missing.. cause i stick it back to the 'stick' again for re-paint..

to be continue..

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