Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sd Sangokuden Kyoui F91

plan to get this long time ago.. before it even release.. i like the shape so much..

lazy people take photo.. i didn't set up any background except few pieces A4 paper.. i didn't plan to make any detail review too.. just to take some photo of it and trying out Canon EOS 500D..

gundam marker solve all the color problem again.. result.. bad.. haha!!!


Asian1skill said...

nice build and yea i does look nice but i think u should maybi paint da demon shield face i think it would stand out more just a thought but regardless nice build!!!

seven6398 said...

asian1skill: hey.. thx.. i'm just got my airbrush kit.. maybe i will try it out..

Asian1skill said...

nice man cant wait to see ur skills with da AB!!!

Endy-6 said...

do u do panel line at gold color?


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