Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking a break here for exam

it've been a while i didn't update my blog.. due to my exam coming soon.. all my hobby stuff have to stop for a while after my exam over.. need more concentration to my exam..

something have to continue regarding to my blog after my exam over on next friday..

1) have to take and upload photo for action pose of MG Blue Frame Second Revise that i have just completed..

2) planning for the next kit.. may go onto MG GN-X or MG Mk2 Gundam or HGUC series.. have plan for the color as well.. maximize the usage for airbrush set.. hehe

3) pick some of the interesting coverage of all the Hobby magazines and Dengeki Magazines that i have to upload here..

4) since i have change the new template for my blog (wider).. going to re-design the header soon..

5) all the pictures that link to my gunpla have to re-arrange..

wow.. hope i can cope all of this task for my blog soon.. will start during chinese new year since.. i have nothing to do on chinese new year.. chinese new year for kid is fun but for adult is holiday.. also family re-union..

so that my next month task..

from now on i may not upload anything until my exam over on next Friday which is 5th feb 2010..

i will be back!!!


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Asian1skill: thx man..

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All the best for your exams!


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