Thursday, January 21, 2010

the step and parts i hate most

the biggest part of the gundam is coming.. i mean the legs which contain lot of parts.. so my compressor going to work longer hour than before.. hope it can stand long enough.. i'm headache on setting up so many different parts to the sticks.. this is the step that i hate most.. the step that prepare for painting.. why.. it takes a lot of time.. and by the time i'm finish this step.. dark cloud approaching and start.. raining.. how i'm going to paint?.. zzz

so.. just hope there will be a good weather on tomorrow morning.. pray..


Busterbeam said...

you lined it first and NOW you're going to paint it?!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! You live in Sungai Long? I live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras! LOL

seven6398 said...

Busterbeam: i only paint the blue color parts which is not apply any panel line yet.. those white color part with panel line will only cover with mat coat..

FreedomWen: nice to meet you.. maybe someday we can hang out and yamcha in Mahkota Cheras.. i use to visit gamersconcept a lot..


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