Saturday, January 9, 2010

my first experience on airbrush set

i can tell you what i did is totally disaster.. luckily i try it on the runner.. most of the potential problem that the seller told me.. it just happen to me.. but don't worry.. its all my fault.. nothing to do with the tools.. just my dumbness cause all the thing happen..

first is the mixture.. i don't have the right tool to measure the amount of the paint.. then.. mess up with the ratio and too think i guess.. cause the paint won't come out from the airbrush.. i was totally stun.. afraid to spoil the airbrush since the needle is so sensitive.. afraid that the paint will spoil it.. so stupid.. i mean me.. then i add on more thinner directly to the airbrush and still nothing come out.. in fact.. all the thinner fill the head and suddenly make a splash.. gosh.. lukily it was on the runner.. finally the paint slowly come out but very little.. and keep on splashing.. i look to the head and accidentally pull the airbrush switch and release the air.. again.. luckily it just ar but not the paint or the thinner.. or else.. i loose my left eye.. then.. decided to end the thing.. put more thinner to clean the airbrush and it works well.. damn it!!! waste almost half an hour for that with a fail experiment.. i've think of try one more time but i'm afraid that i will overheat the compressor so.. just wrap it up..

alright.. lets check out the result.. completely fail!!!!!!!!

this is what happen after i put on the paint and add thinner later.. i guess too much thinner and makes it look transparent because when i repaint the area that not dry.. the thinner will just spray off the paint.. i guess this is what the seller want to tell me that using airbrush.. you can't rush.. the paint must go layer by layer.. yeah.. he is right.. totally different thing from can spray..
this is what happen after all the splash come out.. then the airbrush suddenly workout and i spray on this area.. like cleaning the surface with thinner..
look good than previous two picture???.. what ever.. still look bad.. same thing happen here with the second picture..

guys.. i'm really need some advise.. how to use airbrush???


Woo said...

Did you use the appropriate primer for the surface and paint type on the runner before applying the paint?

Asian1skill said...

wow holy crap using a airbrush could be difficult eh??

Tsun-chan said...

Okay, well you've hit your first airbrushing roadblock.. Best way to handle mixing your paints is.. Get some Pipettes.. and use them to control your ratio. Depending on what sort of paint your laying down. the ratio may change just a bit. 1:1 is a really good starting place and work out the fine details of thinner to paint from there. Thinner is usually better.

Next thing on the things to do list.. Get yourself a good pressure regulator.. you want to be shooting at around 15 to 20 psi for most 1:1 or more thinned paints. some brushes like less.. some like more. its a feel out thing.

Now that we got a reasonable amount of air .. and the right thinning ratio.. the next hurtle is technique.. Remember, always start off the part.. and move onto it.. and off it.. in a continous motion. This will avoid splotchs and what not in the paint where you start and finish. Next trick in all of this is masking.. don't wanna ruin what shouldn't be whatever colour your throwing.

Check yaself a good resource. like We mostly do figure kits, but the tutorials are good for everything modelling.

Hope this helps ya.

And as far as burning out ya compressor.. get yaself a footpedal if it doesn't have a tank or cutoff switch.. that way you can run it while your spraying.. and when your not.. lift ya foot it shuts off.

Ant Sized Man said...

Looks like it going to take some practice.

Want to get a airbrush myself, from what ive read takes quite alot of trail and error before getting that awesome finish you see on so many models.

seven6398 said...

woo: i didn't apply anything yet since i'm just try make myself use to the AB.. i will give another try soon.. maybe on some plate with surfacer..

Asian1skill: actually it depend.. some people can start off pretty easy.. but me i guess i don't have the right place to do it..

Tsun-chan: thanks for your detail advise.. really appreciate it.. i will visit the link you gave me.. btw.. nice to meet.. hope you can visit my blog frequently to provide me more advise.. i'm really need you people..

Ant: yeah.. a lot of practice needed actually but don't worry.. this is my first which i do everything blindly.. i think it should be ok if we have good reference before we start..

chrismandesign said...

kjakjakjakakjakakakjakja... so sorry lazy dude... this year (with the help of GOD), barely i get my gundam markers, i’ll begin to personalize my model kits... with airbrush as well... but i had my first (bloggy) experience (TM) LOOOLLL, with my EVA 00, & it wasn’t as painful as urs !!! ofc i had the advice of a friend of mine, & though i never used airbrush before, i did my job very well...


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