Friday, January 8, 2010

Air Brush set with tiny compressor

new year with only two post until now.. too busy for college assignment and presentation.. final coming soon.. really have to plan my schedule carefully so that i have enough time to post something here..

not planning to make any opening post for new year actually.. since this is the first loot for this year then i will consider this as a opening post of this year..

so this is it.. what i order from for an airbrush kit with tiny compressor and also the paint, topcoat, thinner, crocodile clip, surfacer, masking tape and paint tray.. order it more than one month ago.. due to no money to collect then i only collect it last few days somewhere in Sunway.. next to LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong) highway.. it is an apartment.. and they do store a lot of accessory like metal thrusters, water slide decal, different types of supplies.. lets get back to the airbrush and tiny compressor set..

here is the content of the of the set.. will show by the next pictures in detail..
gaia color white, black and red..
gaia color blue, yellow and flat type top coat..
empty bottles and paint tray use for paint mixture..
bottle types for surfacer.. i thought it come in can spray..
the thinners..
alright.. here are some pictures for the tiny compressor..
the switch.. it really tiny.. like what tsukinari said .. the sound is not loud.. the air not that strong but after connect it to airbrush compress it.. the air that release become stronger.. of course the manufacture quality is not that good.. the seller told me if i want to use it for long term then i should purchase larger compressor.. cost about RM 450.. but my wallet just can't afford it yet.. better use some tiny to train first.. one more thing that i have to share here is the compressor can't continue use for long time.. if not using it while mixing the another paint then better off it so that it won't overheat the compressor.. better not on it for more than 30 minutes or else.. overheat the compressor and.. die!!!

hose for connecting the airbrush and the compressor..
the holder for the airbrush that screw to the compressor..
wooden stick that connect to the crocodile to hold the parts for paint..
alright.. this is the airbrush.. 0.3mm .. need quite a lot of maintenance so that it won't spoil the airbrush.. first.. the needle must be clean every time after using the airbrush and the needle is very thin and easily bend if not carefully handle.. mm.. guys who have this better taking this advise..
the plug for the compressor.. normally China plug is a bit different.. so the seller give me the converter too..

thats all for this set.. will try it for some runners than use it for my MG Blue Frame after i'm able to get the right result.. this is the reason that slow me down for the MG Blue Frame..


Tsukinari said...

Grats on getting ur first Airbrush kit ^^...

the tiny compressor mine already dead... and bought better one with price RM450 (AS-186)... get better AB experience now ^^

cant wait to see ur ABing your MG Blue Frame XD

Ant Sized Man said...

Ive got to find a deal like this for me, been wanting an airbrush for some time and decided its about time.

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: i've been thinking about that too.. as i mention it in the post but i've been thinking for alternative of using the aquarium pump.. still looking for a big one and it cost very cheap..

Ant Sized Man: you can visit if you interested on it.. but if you buy it for long term then i suggest you not to buy the tiny compressor.. get something big.. btw.. nice to meet you..

Anonymous said...

boleh jumpa airbrush set dan mini compressor di


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