Thursday, January 14, 2010

Air Brush second test

alright.. finally.. got some time to conduct the second test at this morning under a bright sunny light.. so nice.. but so hot even in the morning.. luckily things still work according to my schedule.. complete the test today with a successful result.. i mean the paint that turn out still can be accepted eventhough it is not that even..

alright.. here we are.. i'm guess i'm using the right ratio of the paint.. 1:1 ratio for the thinner and the gaia blue..
the other part.. the paint for this part is a bit not even.. trying with bigger pressure actually.. but not enough big i guess..
ok.. fresh come out after paint.. and the paint dry quite fast..

the place that i use to prepare the paint.. 'stone' table outside my house.. can use it to prepare stuff for paint but definitely can't use for paint here.. or else.. i will kill by my mother..
the empty bottle use for mixing the paint and the thinner.. so dirty and need a lot of thinner to clean it.. you can use this to create the measurement to mix the paint..
i shake too much while i test the paint.. asa result.. the whole airbrush get dirty too.. and again.. need thinner to clean it and i was so stupid of using the Mr.Color's thinner to clean it.. heres the tips.. for cleaning the tools.. use those cheap thinnerfor cleaning and use expensive thinner for mixing the paint..
what is this?.. tissue..

so.. thats all for the second test.. will start to paint on the kit this Saturday..


Tsun-chan said...

Really doesn't look too bad. Your on a better track now. I suggest Pippettes or somethin gyou can actually measure with to control your ratio. Eyeballing you ratio in a glass jar is.. really difficult.

I'm happy to see your on the right path now. After this its... just do it lots and lots.. and experiment a bit here and there to get better results.

Good luck!

Ant Sized Man said...

Looking much better, nice even surface thats looks nicer with the brushstrokes.

seven6398 said...

tsun-chan: thx.. i'm thinking of using straw for the measurement.. or using ruler to drop some sign on the glass jar as the measurement too..

i got it.. practice makes me better.. haha

Ant Sized Man: thx.. what is brushstroke?


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