Sunday, January 17, 2010

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9

time to update a bit on my MG Astray here.. took me few days to test on the airbrush and finally i use it on this kit.. i start with the head unit which is the first picture.. i'm using the gaia flat coat at first for all the white color but again.. nothing come out from the airbrush so i add more thinner and as the result.. the flat coat wipe out all the panel line.. the part that affected is the top which is the cap of the head.. learn this mistake and re-mix the paint again.. things works better later.. for the cap?. i re-paint it and it still look not nice.. panel line the cap again and leave it..

then is the gaia blue color.. i mix it with Mr.color metallic blue.. the result is quite nice.. better than the original blue but i have not enough metallic blue mix on it.. so the shiny effect is not strong enough as you can see from the pictures.

thats all for the body and head unit.. will update other soon..

to be continue..

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