Monday, January 11, 2010

toy shop in tropicana city mall

alright.. went to Tropicana City Mall for work yesterday.. work at the center court.. and a significant toy shop appear in my eyes.. locate at the top floor.. i can't remember which floor but same floor with the cinema.. so the first it caught my eyes while i'm in front the shop is.. not the 1/1 terminator yet.. but a lot of expensive figure.. they even display 1/160 chogokin macross unit.. some of it.. not dare to take too much photo as the seller over there seems no happy that i take the photo of their figure.. damn stupid.. never mind..

basically this shop sell some figure (those expensive and rare also can found there), transformer, and also lego.. the shop name called BrickBoy Toy.. so i guess mainly the product are more on lego.. if i'm not wrong.. this should be the shop at Times Square KL 7th floor last time and have a brancg in Mid Valley Garden at the top floor too.. too bad they didn't sell any gunpla.. even those gundam figure seems can't find too..

so the thing that make me come back for the photo after i work was this.. the 1/1 scale terminator.. i guess this is the T-700 right.. man.. i never see 1/1 terminater in my life before even the movie have start more than ten years ago.. i'm still remember the first time i watch terminator movie was the Terminator 2 : Judgement Day.. sexy Arny.. and luckily Astro (Malaysia TV broadcaster.. i guess i use the right name.. broadcaster) still airing some of the terminator series like the first terminator movie which i forgot the theme (if i'm not wrong, it should called 'The Terminator').. my favourite terminator? not T-X but.. T-1000.. haha.. from the second movie.. too bad there is a glass that make those reflection hard to see..
mm.. hope i can see a 1/1 scale predator too.. but i do some 1/1 scale alien but build by those screw and gear.. and they don't allow me to take the photo.. the weird thing is that 1/1 scale alien figure was outside some of the apparel shop as decoration.. you can find it at Sungei Wang plaza somewhere in ground floor..

the strike of the empire!!!!! in lego form.. i think i have post this before..
another cool thing from lego for starwar..
Joe the haze!!! still haven't got time to watch Masked Rider Black RX.. planning to watch the Masker Rider Black first but those quality is too bad and the fashion is too old.. make me feel bore..
wait a minute.. if i'm not wrong.. this should be 1/1 scale Master Yoda too.. bah.. not study about starwar much.. so i don't know the height of Master Yoda but i'm quite interested on Starwars.. at least i watch all six episode and my favourite episode? the third episode which is the latest and the born of Darth Vader..
blue ironman.. this thing is cool.. new movie coming soon.. and one of the ironman in the second movie seems like have the same color with this ironman figure.. no information about this figure.. close to the Mark 3 scale i guess..

thats all..


chrismandesign said...

here in my country, there are not such a place like that... neither that kind of hyper-expensive toys, good for u !!! how u doing with ur Astray Blue Frame MG ???

seven6398 said...

chris: i'm still stuck with my MG astray blue frame due to the weather here.. i'm not free at afternoon which have a bright sunlight but then rain at evening roughly around 5 p.m.. which i free that time.. i have to test the AB again.. guess i will only continue for the AB testing on this thursday only continue with my MG astray blue frame..


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