Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9 part 2

it've been a while.. not that free these few days.. working on the paint for the kit.. work plus study.. really tired.. and now only have time to update a bit on the painting progress..

since this post still under painting so i named the title "MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9 part 2".. basically i'm on the process which about 60 % done.. still left the legs plus feets and the tactical arm have not paint.. have to make some correction on the palms.. and the complete result may have two different metallic blue.. sound weird right.. i will tell the reason from the picture below here..

first.. got the cap of the done.. i mean recover from the disaster.. should show the disaster picture of the cap.. then.. i don't dare to coat it anymore.. basically what i have for the problem is the mixture of the thinner and the flat coat is a bit not balance.. too much thinner and made all the panel line smear.. other part of the head have the same problem too but it not that significant so i decided to leave it as the part is too small to be repair..
the arm is painted but not the palm.. planning to use hand brush instead of airbrush since i have apply the white color gundam marker to the palm.. i don't want to spoil it.. i can tell you using the white color gundam marker is just so hard.. have to apply few layer to make it look nice..
another disaster here.. forgot to fx the panel line.. result.. the panel line is too thick and i coated it.. damn.. i'm so stupid.. i should check it first.. the pelvis color was my favorite.. other than the body.. all other blue color part was using Mr. Color metallic blue.. but the color of the Mr. Color metallic blue bring a bit of green color.. i mean it doesn't look exactly like blue but like dark blue mix with a bit of green.. the sea color.. XD
my favorite angle.. one more problem happen here is the sticker that i use for the eyes.. i spoil it and thats why it doesn't look nice.. i think i better learn how to paint the eyes..
notice there are two circle.. number one is the color that i mix with gaia gloss blue and Mr. Color metallic blue (thinner too).. the ratio for the gaia gloss blue is higher.. thats why the body doesn't look that shiny but with a accurate blue color.. and i paint the body without surfacer so the color of the body is.. very.. blue.. haha (don't know how to describe)..

number two is the Mr.color metallic blue painted on surfacer..

i like both color actually but i decide other part will only do on single color which is Mr.color metallic blue so i don't have to headache for the mixture of the paint.. haha

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

despite the mistakes, its amazing love the paint job so far its like way better than the original color like omg im stunned anyways hope u fix da problems and upload the mg astray page soon gl

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: sorry for the late reply.. and thx.. i'm just done with the legs.. now only left some minor correction and the painting job on the tactical arm.. don't worry.. i will upload it soon.. stay tune..


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