Saturday, February 26, 2011

PG OO Raiser Metallic Ver.V Complete!!!

TA DA!!! this big freak ass kit is a paint eater!!!.. why?.. i show you the list of the paint i use for it here:

-3.5/4 of 400 ML Mr.hobby thinner
-1 3/4 of Mr.hobby 1200 surfacer
-1 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby metal Silver Chrome
-1 bottle of Mr.Hobby metal alluminium
-1 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby Metallic Blue
-2 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby steel (black)
-little bit of Mr.Hobby gold, metallic red and clear orange

OMG.. here had cost me more than RM 100 to paint this kit.. well.. the result is quite satisfy but not to the impress level at all due to my lazyness and rushing to complete it.. it should have complete during the chinese new year but due to my allocation on time and money for it totally mess up.. i can only complete now.. well.. the silver chrome or the metal color that i work on this kit is pretty satisfy for me actually.. but i lazy to apply the top coat on it (should add in the gloss coat due to not enough money and time for the paint).. hence.. i made lot of scratches when i handle it in the re-assemble after paint process and posing process.. quite regret about it but i have no choice.. dragging to long for a project will easily make me frustrated and might give up on the project or re-do the whole thing.. that is the bad side of me.. will try to throw that away from me.. just imagine.. i have need six time painting process which each take me more than 3 hours to complete it.. then i still have to work on the marking and decal which another painful process because more scratches made during that time.. and i totally give up on the dry decal.. those who follow my blog here know my nightmare on dry decal (again.. my wallet can't afford water slide decal and i can't find it in my place).. i give up on the markings for O raiser too..

alright.. enough for the painting and markings.. lets get back to the kit itself.. well i discovered one flaw.. one of the most annoying flaw of this kit.. it is the joint in between the tights and the arms to the chest.. for a normal joint, it will have the male side and the female side (i describe it like the cable connector.. XD).. the male side is too short.. it make the the arms hard to connect to the chest.. as for the tight.. the problem occurred in between the tight ( nothing to do with the waist).. again.. the male side are too short and whenever i try to move the legs.. the weight of the legs pull the entire legs out.. damn.. other than that.. the whole thing got no problem to me.. but move on to the photography process..

i will explain here.. i never take photo for a PG kit in my home.. it really need a big space to set up a large backdrop.. at least A2 to A1 paper size.. i use a banner during the photography session for this kit which have the A3 width.. it is so hard to take the photo of this kit when it attach with O raiser.. the lock gimmick come with this kit seems quite promising to overcome the weigh issue but it had one draw back.. it got 3 locks each arm.. every time i try to move the arms.. i have unlock each lock one by one to get the arm bend.. quite annoying.. i'm rather it make with gear type without the lock.. i know it is not good for long term but we do not always play with the kit once it complete right.. we are not kid and kid seldom get a PG as a toy..

due to the space, locks and scratches.. i totally give up on posing this kit eventhough i know this kit is well articulated.. i'm going to share some thought on gunpla photography technique here.. if you read from Z in, it tell you that some gundam is very pose-able and some are not.. so.. there are two types of photography style can be use here.. first.. pose plus angle for the very pose-able gunpla and angle for not much pose-able gunpla.. i try the first one but i give up due the reasons i mentioned.. locks and scratches.. then.. i don't have enough space to set up a big back drop.. so.. the second type fail as well.. any alternative.. live it in standing pose and capture as much picture from different angle as i can.. but it still fail.. the first time i fail in photography process badly after the MG ZZ.. but never mind.. i found some of the modeler like DC23 and fitchenfoo like to capture their work with not much pose also.. even though the kit they use is well articulated.. maybe it was due to their kit attach to the diorama.. alright.. enough for everything and now let the pictures tell the story.. enjoy..

now.. tired.. but preparing for another kit.. what is it? will show on the next post..

stay tune..


Tom said...

Looks nice, and huge!

Anonymous said...

Like your PG 00 Raiser, nice man!!! congratz!!

chrismandesign said...

is a great effort Seven & as for the scratches i cannot see them, so they must b tiny... the hugeness, another reason i don’t like the collection figures bigger than 8" high (the photoshoot needs something like a studio, i don’t like to complicate myself)... the colour scheme looks amazing, luxurious, i like it so much, but to pay in paint something like the money u need for a pretty decent figure... well, no comments LOL

NAZREE said...

dude..this is the ascent or in other word the excitement of gunpla, where it cost a lot and its worth it!

my latest build, do comment on me to improve..hehe

seven6398 said...

Tom and Anonymous: thx man..

Chris: haha.. i try to hide the scratches away from the photos.. i also don't know what can i said to the paint.. feel like being trap for the paint for this kit.. haha..

Nazree: yeah.. i agree with you.. the more effort that spend on the kit, more excitement can be enjoy.. no matter fail or success..

Q said...

Reading your statistics, this kit surely eats up a lot of paint! Scary o_o;

Even though I have only built 1 MG kit for my friend and none for myself yet, I can understand the feeling of laziness and wanting to rush a kit, especially when it drags on over some amount of time. My friend gave up building the MG Strike Noir so I spent 3 Sundays helping him to finish it for him before he left Hong Kong ^^;

Looking back, the rushing feeling is probably the reason I still haven't felt like starting an MG kit again, even now, hence I don't hype so much for MG but liking 1/144 HG a lot more.

Back to topic: What I heard about PG 00 Raiser is kinda mixed. Those who are new to PG seem to like it, while those who have built lots of kits before seem to hate it. The lock mechanism sounds innovative, but some had a very bad time working and even assembling it in the first place. The model overall is apparently very heavy so there isn't much action poses one can really do.

Nevertheless your PG 00 Raiser still looks great man;the metallic finish is quite breathtaking I gotta say. Keep up the good effort man!

Shinra said...

Wow, looks great! Love the metallic paint scheme

seven6398 said...

Q: haha.. seems like your friend really need more patience to build model kit..

i left the lock assemble process be the last last on the pre-assemble process.. and i made a mistake there which make me need to re-assemble the whole arms.. i didn't see much people taking PG kit photo with a lot of pose.. guess it all because of the heaviness..

thx for the comment man..

Shinra: thx.. wow.. you're doing MG Sazabi next.. gonna be excited about it..

Blacksun88 said...

the RM 100 is certainly worth for the painting job, bravo !!

MAKO said...

You were being lazy when you colored this? SCREW YOU!!! That makes my top work look like balooki! (idk it sounded right, not balogne)

Anyways.That's some serious paint job right there. Very sick (good way). I love the metallic finish, if you want you can get another and paint it less lazier and give me this one. I don't mind the lazy painting. xD

Amicitia LS said...

Hey! Love your work on the 00 Raiser. I was actually curious since I'm thinking of doing a paint scheme very similar to yours, where you actually used the paints you listed. I can tell obviously that the Metallic blue was used on the blue parts. but I'm really curious what you covered the white with, and where you used the aluminum and silver chrome.

seven6398 said...

Amicitia LS: Sorry for the late reply.. only saw your comment after you complete your PG OO raiser.. really sorry about that.. the white color actually cover by Mr.Hobby metal Silver Chrome.. you can check more from the list i provided on top of the post..


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