Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Loot

one last post before i'm off to my trip.. MG Astray Red Frame!!!.. finally i got it.. i've been hesitating on getting this or the Hyakushiki since the price only different for RM 1.. and i want to get these two thing.. but my wallet only can afford one.. why this and not that? the second picture explain it..

i prepare the space for displaying it.. damn.. i always feel there is something missing beside the MG Astray Blue Frame Second L.. and now.. i can fill in the "blank".. haha.. as for MG Hyakushiki.. maybe next two months.. have to watch over my backlog too.. 

alright.. that's all for now.. 


benji_1629 said...

Haha good2, i already have the red frame but not the blue frame.. think want to get one also haha.. but, good2, want to see the outcome of this project haha ;D

Tom said...

So you finally got the red frame. And a Pikachu?! Awesome. :D

Luffy d Munkey said...

nice, it's true. if you only got one astray, it doesn't feel right if you don't get the second one

Q said...

Watching over backlog is not easy; it's always too easy to let it build up a bit too much ^^;

Nice get on the Astray Red Frame. I for some reasons still find that new 'backpack' a bit strange. But maybe I'll get used to it eventually.

Gundam Gunso said...

Great buy. I've been aiming for this kit too due to same reasons as you, the blue frame. But currently the finances dun allow me to splurge too much yet XD

seven6398 said...

Benji: nice to meet you..

Tom: that was my brother' toy.. he insist to put it there.. zzz.. he even got the snoopy on my Nu gundam last time.. haha..

Luffy: you're right...

Q: backlog.. i don't dare to see it.. haha.. the backpack.. i hate it actually.. i mean the normal way.. i'm sure there will be lot of posing issue with it.. but what i like most is the main unit itself.. might pose it in the second L way..

Gundam Gunso: soon my friend.. i have the same problem before.. money..


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