Friday, April 1, 2011

MG Wing Complete

its time.. fly.. my bird.. haha.. it''s done.. first.. lets check out the paint list first..

-Mr.Hobby Surfacer 1200
-Blue color = (Mr.Hobby flat white mix with Mr.Hobby character blue)
-Red = Mr.Hobby character red
-Gold = Mr.Hobby gold
-Grey = (Mr.Hobby metal black mix with Mr.Hobby flat white)

the first thing i want to do on this kit is to clear as much nub marks as possible.. but not on the inner frame since i didn't want to paint the inner frame.. just love the color of the inner frame but quite hard to clear the nub marks.. try to clear most of the nub marks for the painted part.. but i think i scrub too much at the edge till some of the seam lines created in between the parts.. one funny thing i accidentally do is create two tones of red color on the shield.. lazy to fix it.. not sure bad or what.. remember the previous post i mentioned about the gold color.. here is the unexpected effect.. that's all for the paint..

as for the photograph.. also as mentioned from the previous post.. trying to make a black background.. to match the theme of my header.. moving into space.. i think i didn't mention it in any post before right.. it is not the dark effect that i want to but i still like it.. i was looking for a natural black effect that create from the camera.. i saw someone done the dark effect using the white back ground before.. i remember the setting and the set up but not the position of the flash.. and i don't have enough equipment now.. all this picture was rely on the camera setting.. but of course.. i still need some additional equipment for this such as two piece of black color card board.. about A3 size.. one table lamp which i normally use on my table and a white color LED torch light.. too bad i might need to use back my old camera soon.. zzz

in terms of the kit.. the articulation is.. awesome.. flexible and not loose at all even though i didn't paint the inner frame and this is a transformable kit.. can be said one of the most successful transformable kit in term of the articulation, flexibility and the stiffness of the joint.. all other optional parts such as the beam saber and buster rifle also been design to hold by the farm firmly.. and i didn't face any weight issue as well.. the only problem i face is the joint for the shield.. not that easy to fix it right.. alright.. lets enjoy the pics..

start with some detail shots and close up shots..

ground posing..

my favorite shots..

slashing start here..

bird mode..

some additional effect from the torch light.. the reflection of the stickers from the orb and the eyes was create from the light of the torch light.. but the effect seems not as strong as the real LED light..

overall.. this is definitely a great kit to get in terms of it's design, proportion, articulation, parts, gimmick and colors.. i don't have any complain about the kit but only my skill.. that's all..

next project will review on the next post.. clue will be "sniping down the target".. guess what is it but no price given for the right answer.. XD.. stay tune..


chrismandesign said...

man, i agree that this kit is very appealing & the colour scheme u did gives it an slightly different feeling to that of the original version... the pics seem a bit weird & i guess that the "effect" u wanted needs more studio lights as u mentioned & a bigger background to achieve the correct lightning of the figure & leave the back as dark as possible... but i like the general appearance of them =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: yeah.. the studio effect.. that is what i want. i wish i have an DSLR with all the equipment i need.. maybe the pictures looks weird is because of the imbalance lighting.. just have to learn more.. anyway.. thx for the comment..

Tom said...

You could use some lights here and there. Nice scheme though, I'm about to start on my MG Wing soon. ^^

seven6398 said...

Tom: yeah..i used the torch light.. i'm thinking of building a light stand soon.. and might add some of the white card board to create reflection.. flash diffuser to soften the flash.. will try that on next kit.. my blood is boiling for the next project.. haha..

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

the colors reminds me of OOQ =D
btw, this is just me, i feel like gold thruster doesnt look nice, silver with inner gold should looks better, but then, each people have their own preferences, so yeaa

nice work, as always ^^


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