Sunday, April 3, 2011

latest project : Operation Desert Hunter

so.. what do you think about the name of this project.. sounds cool huh.. hehe.. it will be the first time i'm going to add lot of pla plate into this kit and create my first diorama (not those with kotobukiya mechanical chain base.. just start using M.A.C forum and got a lot of inspiration there.. and also some information to create diorama.. i always wanted to create one but i have no idea how to start.. so i was thinking maybe i start with building diorama with damage or abandoned building will be more easier.. but weathering will be needed.. since i'm not the kind of modeler that do weathering.. this might be a good try for me too..

as for the kit.. there are lot of old kit that i wanted to re-build or re-paint actually.. such as the MG ReGZ, some NG 1/100 kit from OO series and some of the HG 1/144 kit from Seed/Stargazer.. but after seeing some of the custom kit from that related to some sniper MS.. it remind me that i still having my NG 1/100 Dynames and Cherudim lying in the box.. and why pick Dynames over Cherudim?.. i think of making both actually but the sniper from Dynames looks better so i pick it first..

most of the joint starting to loose its grip.. but it still can hold some of the less weight weapons.. love this shot a lot.. dynamic pose..

it still can hold the sniper well..

i will start with the body, waist and head unit first.. first WIP coming soon

detail concept of this project will be review in the first WIP.. stay tune..


Gundam Gunso said...

Looks promising. Look forward to your WIP XD

chrismandesign said...

hey Seven, what do u have against Koto Chainbases HUH ???? HAHAHAHA... well call me lazytown, but custom dioramas for my kits r not in my plans, for at least a zillion years & yep i use Koto chainbases... =PPPPP


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