Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project Desert Hunter Parts (pt 1)

this will be a short post that going to explain the material i'm going to use for my current project "Dessert Hunter" part one.. why part one?.. cause part two will be about diorama.. as from the first WIP and the intro of this project.. i will try to add as much pla plate as i can into this kit and also the M.S.G part as shown from the picture below..
i mean the right one.. the left M.S.G part is buy for fun.. i was thinking about how to create gatling gun that time and i found this.. so.. without hesitating.. i bought it but i'm not going to use it for the current project.. might be using it in future..
alright.. from this picture.. you know what i'm going to talk about next.. the paint.. here are the paint that i'm going to use.. not only these actually.. these are brand new.. so it stay in the picture.. i'm going to use other paint like red, yellow and black as well.. as usual.. the paint list will be out after i complete the kit.. but i will share some info on the color scheme that i'm going to use for this kit.. basically all the white color will become grey.. i re-work on the green become some grey-ish green which is also slightly lighter than the original green to give a mat feel.. red will remain red and yellow will remain yellow.. the color that i want to change most will be the plastic feel grey for the guns and joint.. i will make it to metal black or metallic black.. and i might add a bit silver on the rifle to give it a realistic look.. as for the weathering.. erm.. haven't think about it.. but will be review in part two..

what's next.. i don't know yet..


Gundam Gunso said...

The gatling gunparts looks promising. A pity you won't be using it for this project XD

seven6398 said...

Gundam GUnso: haha.. my hand get itch every time i saw it.. but i don't have any idea how create a gatling gun yet..


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