Wednesday, April 6, 2011

From White to Black (background BTS)

alright.. here is the story that i want to share out about the black background that i use for the MG Wing.. but before that.. i'm going to show some other stuff while i'm on the way to the shop of this topic.. and..

here we are.. flying red dragon in Lego form.. 

Lego was my favorite toys when i was a kid.. i still have them now actually.. most of my Lego was from my elder brother actually and he like to buy those car form.. mostly are not in one series or in one big Lego set.. it means he just buy randomly.. i use to play with them on creating a lot of different stuff.. even robot with cockpit on it and my cousin build me a robot that using car combination which copy the idea from "Power Ranger Turbo".. hehe.. looking back to this toys in this shop really remind me a lot of my childhood where me, my brother and cousin build and play Lego together.. and we always wish to have something from this shop..

Lego now days is growing into more advance stage.. no longer just Lego City or Cowboy town or ancient castle.. it even design from some of the Movie like Starwar, Batman, Indiana Jones and a lot more.. interesting right..

the good thing about Lego is it flexible enough to turn into any form you want it without any cutting, reshaping or painting.. just get the right part and build what ever you want.. and that explained why i love Lego so much when i was a kid.. but the drawback is the shape will never look real no matter how you try.. and this explained why a lot of people into Lego when they grew up.. and go into the thing like modeling, figure or.. gunpla-ing..
what ever it is.. for me now.. i treat as my collection and memory of my childhood..

Alright.. back to the topic now.. i guess this shop should called as "Art Friend" right.. i think it had been exist here for few years but i don't realize it.. first.. where is the this shop?.. it is in Mid Valley Garden 3rd Floor opposite the GSC Signature cinema side.. and what it sell?.. anything related to art.. i think it got everything that can use for painting.. but what caught my eyes is.. there are also lot of thing i can use to build diorama and use for gunpla.. check out the picture below.. 

remember the 0.2 Mitsubishi pen i mentioned before.. they got it all here.. from 0.1 to 0.8.. any problem with your panel line?.. hehe..
this is a "picture for fun".. they actually have this polystyrene in human form.. i mean the head and the palm.. forget to take the picture of those stuff.. rushing..
and here are the yummy.. the material that i need for building diorama but i end up didn't but any of it.. why?.. view the next two picture and you will know.. but in here..
they even sell the diorama set so that you don't have to feel headache on how to create or shape up a diorama.. all these set include glue (some kind of glue call scenic and you need to spray the glue but not direct application), brush and different terrain you want.. it also come with the shaping tools for rock.. 
and here is the reason why i didn't get any of this.. look at the price.. those diorama set can cost at RM70 and above a set.. just the tree will cost more than RM 100.. i was wondering how much i need to pay to create a diorama using all these material.. i'm actually looking for alternative solution now..

these are the paint they are selling there.. lot of it.. and come in different type.. really have no idea which is the best for gunpla.. have to study a bit for it.. hope i have time to come back here again and check out the paint..

and this is what i bought from there.. lot of the black color cardboard in A3 size.. actually i made a second loot from there and those pictures are from the second visit because i didn't bring my camera when i found this shop..

so.. that's all for this post.. see what i discover more from there and i will definitely post it up.. as for the next post.. some update on the material for the current project "Operation Dessert Hunter".. stay tune..


Gundam Gunso said...

Interesting.. They even have ready-made sets for you. That really saves a lot of time with the exception of the high costs involved XD

Tom said...

Those be some expensive small trees. O.o

seven6398 said...

gundam gunso: that is what attracted me a lot over there.. but it's not easy to build too even though it come in ready set..

Tom: the seller actually suggest me other alternative such as using the real one from the small tree.. i was like.. huh.. haha..

chrismandesign said...

those art shops r common here (but i have to find if they have those really fine liners) & those dio sets r cheaper... & bout LEGO figures, the realistic factor is pretty subjetive, i find that the charm of these LEGO figures is their squared look precisely... =)

seven6398 said...

Chris: i wish my place will same as yours.. gunpla shop is getting lesser.. and this type of shop normally won't survive long..


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