Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project Desert Hunter part 2 WIP (diorama)

alright.. after absent for few days.. it is time to get back here before the end of this weekend.. before building the actual thing.. i need to test out the material first.. i mean how to use putty, sand and glue to create the "ground"..

these are the material.. forget about the news in the newspaper..
i'm not getting something expensive but a normal putty that use for !@#$%..
glue.. don't ask me why use this type cause i also don't know.. just pick randomly in the hardware store..
the puttyfiller looks like some kind of white cream or mayonnaise..
"please do not let your children play with it or (imagine it on the face?)"..
sand.. rough type.. bought it from gardener..
first.. create a crater.. put the putty inside it and add some water..
then mix all together.. just like how the construction people do with cement and sand..
and it will something like your "poo-poo"..
make it into square shape (you can leave it in any shape).. and let it dry.. i thought of using microwave to make it dry.. more faster.. but my mom will kill me if i do that.. you get what i mean?..
alright.. just before i start the diorama material test.. i found this.. guess what can i use for it..
TA DA!!!.. reflector.. those are reflector that use to create reflection.. those are not the real one.. it use for wrapping incense.. but i found it look like one of those reflector that can cost few hundred ringgit.. so.. i think i can use it in the future..
damn.. i think i miss the January and February issues.. the seller said only the latest is available at this moment.. RM25 for the latest issues while RM11 for the older issues.. haizz..
and this will use for weathering..
got the GN sword 5 decal too.. even though those are not Japanese issues.. but i don't have GN sword 5.. haha

PC fair coming soon.. seems like i only able to update more after this weekend.. stay tune..


MilkyToast said...

I think you mean Cement, not semen. Which is a hilarious mistake.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this project.

seven6398 said...

milkytoast: omg.. not again.. what happen to me recently..

Gundam Gunso said...

Good work with the progress. Hope you can find something good at the PC fair XD

Tom said...

That think looks like nasty patty! Looking forward to the end results.


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