Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Desert Hunter part 1 complete ( the kit)

The first part of this project means the kit and the second part of the project means the diorama.. and the part three will be the completion of the whole project.. lets check at the material list first part 1:

-Mr.Surfacer 1200
-Mr.Hobby metal
-Mr.Hobby flat white and Mr.Hobby black (to create a mat grey)
-Mr.Hobby red
-Mr.Hobby yellow
-Mr.Hobby green (the green color is the combination of green and grey which is the combination of the flat white and black)
-Mr.Hobby clear green
-Mr.Hobby metal color alluminuim
-mitsubishi 0.1 gundam marker

-0.5mm plate

M.S.G parts

as i said in the earlier of this project.. the kit will done with lot of area added with pla-plate.. i cut all the pla-plate into smaller size and combine then together this time.. it is different from last time which i normally cut it out in a large size.. cutting the pla-plate in smaller size is more easier to control in terms of duplicating the shape for the second part.. the bad part is the pla-plate i used is 0.5 mm which is too thick for multilayer pla-plating.. recommended type for multilayer pla-plating should go for something which is thinner like 0.3mm.. the thickness of the pla-plate i use also giving me problem in terms of cutting the shape out.. apart from the pla-plate, i also added some M.S.G part so it will not look that plain.. i also drilled some hole and also scribed out some extra panel line.. i should paint more panel line to make it look even better..

in terms of paint.. the hardest part i face is the green color.. it is because i added the grey on it to make it look more like a flat green which it don't.. after the paint dry.. there is some grey-ish color appear and i have to apply another layer of green.. the clear green color is work better then i expected..

since this kit bought few years ago.. most of it joint are very loose.. the beam sabers are lost.. that is why i didn't post it with beam saber in the photos.. even though it is consider one of the upgrade version of NG 1/100 in ters of articulation but there are still lot of restriction especially holding the beam sniper rifle with two hands.. the heaviness of the shield attach to the shoulders also give me a lot of problem while posing it.. too bad that the missile gimmick for the front waist armor and knees are not included in this kit.. hope it will include in the MG version if this release in MG which we need to wait for another few years.. in terms of proportion for this kit.. i think it still can be improve but i don't what should it be.. alright.. lets check out the pics..

the WIP of part two will be coming soon.. stay tune..


Anonymous said...

00 kits suck..should spend your money and equipment on better stuff

seven6398 said...

anonymous: wait.. are you a OOhater?

Z said...

Dessert Hunter eh? Is it going to hunt down cheesecakes or something? ;)

Your photography certainly went up quite a few notches. They're very sharp and dynamic *applauds*

Looking forward to your end result!

Gundam Gunso said...

great colour tone. look forward to part 2.

Tom said...

The new lighting looks a lot better. ^^b

chrismandesign said...

hey, hey, hey !!! that anonymous is pretty delicate to say things, isn’t it ??? huh!!!... well, if u r here to please everyone but urself, then u have the wrong motivation... but i know that u Seven, publish what u like & nothing else matters... BTW this kit doesn’t suck, indeed is really nice & as someone already said, these pics, specially the last ones r better than the previous of the Wing Gundam =)

seven6398 said...

Z: OMG.. i never thought i'm using the wrong word all the time.. even in the previous post.. sorry for my stupidness and poor english.. cheesecakes.. XD.. anyway.. thx..

Gunso: luckily i turn off the flash.. haha..

Tom: thx..

seven6398 said...

Chris: erm.. i thought the anonymous was OOhater.. i mean i saw the name "OOhater" somewhere before.. i thought it was the same person..

sorry if i accidentally offend anyone here..


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